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About olive oil

About olive oil

Extra-virgin is olive oil in its purest state and is the result of the first pressing of olives. Olive oil is the all-natural solution to skin, hair and beauty. Its rich, moisturizing properties make it ideal for use on your hair. The fatty acids that olive oil is made of will coat the shaft of your hair, helping to keep it healthy and protected. The presence of antioxidants in olive oil makes it an appropriate hair oil that promotes overall scalp health.

The benefits of Extra-Virgin olive oil for your hair:
• Massaging scalp with olive oil will improve blood circulation and boost the hair growth.
• Olive oil prevents and even cures hair loss. The production of the DHT hormone that responsible for the hair loss is hampered when olive oil is applied to the scalp.
• Olive oil treatments are a natural way to soften your hair because it will saturate your hair with moisture.
• olive oil restoring your hair to a healthy and beautiful looking shine
• Dandruff is usually caused when the scalp becomes dry. Olive oil moisturize your scalp, reducing the appearance of your dandruff naturally.
Olive oil has been called as the elixir of life because of its many healthy benefits.


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