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Our Human Hair Wigs are durable and can be matched to your own hair color and desired cut. ‘’SHE’’ is also popular due to their natural feel and versatility.
One of the unique features of our human hair wigs is that you can work with them as you would your own hair. You can style them using heat appliances (i.e., flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers, etc.) that would normally melt a synthetic wig.
Human hair types vary from rough (lower-end quality) to almost silky-soft (higher-end quality). Grade AA-(consider as the Remy hair) human hair wigs (not Grade B, which are less resilient) can even be re-dyed or permed.
100% Remy human hair wigs are wonderful high-quality wigs as well. Remy human hair is the complete hair strand, including the cuticle that has not been weakened by “stripping” (a process used by most companies to force unnatural hair direction). Remy hair is also referred to as “virgin hair”, or “cut hair”.
Though human hair wigs are more costly, they do tend to last much longer than the synthetic wigs…so you actually save money in the long run!
Some human hair wigs also offer a lace front, meaning that these baby hairs are tied around the lace edges to appear as if the hair was growing from the scalp, thus allowing you to wear these lace front wigs completely away from your face- for a completely natural look. You actually trim the lace section (that doesn’t have hair on it), to where you own hairline would start. Then you should add the order sheet that you see in the attachment in a page that has cut line. And on the top of the page you can add: choose your own custom wig.

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