2016 Hair & Accessory Trends

2016 is the year of being self-aware about your hair and actually styling it. Loving your hair for what it is, wavy, poker straight or curly will be more important than ever.  This year there are a number of styling trends for hair of all types. Be sure to stock up on your favorite styling products and get set to rock some styles from your youth.

On the runway, there are several styles that will be popular this Spring and Summer. The first is futuristic hair, think Star Wars-buns, slicked back pony-tails with braids, etc. In order to rock this style your hair needs to be smoothed out using a styling product and then braided or put in a bun accordingly. Stylists have been adding extensions to these looks to give them statement making volume. Kendal Jenner recently rocked a smooth ponytail and high braid on the runway. She looked like she was ready to fly home to the mother ship.

The second trend is hair accessories. Think big and bold and sweet and subdued. Gold and silver accessories or anything sparkly are the ones to scoop up.  Marc Jacobs, Alex & Olivia to name a few have been showcasing models wearing all sorts of clips, barrettes, hair ties and more! The accessories vary in size and how they are styled into the hair do. Bejeweled headbands look to be all the rage. These are perfect to spice up a plain pony tail.

The third trend is bangs. Bangs are back in a big way. Bang styles of all types have been seen on designer runways this season. Everything from super short bangs to wispy bangs is back in vogue. The fourth trend is retro looks. This category spans the 60’s through the 80’s. This is where you’ll want dig out the hair product and think Danny from Grease. Style yourself in a bohemian outfit, rock some big, free flowing hair with a couple of thin, flower power braids and your rocking 60’s hair. 70’s hair is very slicked back, smooth and styled in pony tails.

Braids are so on trend this season. What’s interesting about this, is that the braids can come in any form. Meaning you can rock one strand of a braid and still be on trend. Or if you want to go for the gusto you can have a braid that goes all the way around your head! Whatever your heart desires, head out with a braid and you will be styling this spring.

Looking to rock out some hair accessories? The top off the runway hair accessory pieces are: mother of pearl, head chains, low bows, floral clips, fur/faux fur hair ties and wire. Mother of pearl accessories add a bit of sophistication to any look. Head chains can be found at a wide variety of price points perfect for every budget. They add a bit of sparkle to any look.

Low bows are super easy to style. Selena Gomez sported a wavy look with a thin braid and a low bow while heading to Oscar de Laurenta’s 2016 spring show. Faux floral clips can be used in different ways that will have you coming up roses with your style this season.  Fur hair ties give any look a wintery vibe.  Lastly wire in both gold and silver gives a very futuristic look to any hair do.

Off the runway, 2016 haircut trends include the “lob” or long bob. Check out Khloe Kardashian’s current look and be inspired. Previously she had long hair then she decided on the lob, getting her hair cut just below her shoulder with some layers in it.  She uses a little bit of product to keep the top nice and smooth while styling some subtle waves. Her new look is super chic and classy.  But it still gives her enough hair to pull back if she is having a bad hair day. I often wonder if the Kardashian girls ever do have an official bad hair day.

Long hair is still hip but with long, textured layers. Look at Cara Delevingne’s hair for this trend. The layers make long hair super versatile. Want beachy waves, no problem you can rock them easily with this cut! Just make sure to keep up on your trims in-between cuts. Too much hair can weigh the layers down and cause them not to look right.

Shaved heads for women look to gain in popularity this year thanks in part to supermodels including Grace Bol. She and others have owned the shaved head look and gained a modeling career out of it. One thing before you decide to shave your head, please, please, please consult with a good friend. You want someone who can honestly tell you if you have the right head shape to pull off this look. Friends don’t let friends with badly shaped heads shave their hair off.

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