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Tape-in Extensions

Beyond the Beauty takes pride in presenting our Tape-In Hair Extensions, a revolutionary solution for those who crave luxurious, longer, and voluminous hair with minimal effort. These extensions are designed to seamlessly blend with your natural hair.

#1 Black#1B Natural Black#2 Very Dark Brown#3 Medium Brown#4 Medium Light Brown#5 Ash Brown#24 Golden Blonde#70 White Blonde#4/613 Medium Brown & Light Blonde#6/24 Light Brown & Golden Blonde#6/27 Light Brown & Honey#18/24 Ash Blonde & Golden Blonde
SHE Tape-In Hair Extensions: Where length, volume, and style unite seamlessly.
Elevate your hair, elevate your style, and embrace the beauty of Remy hair extensions that seamlessly enhance your natural look.

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Premium Remy Hair:

SHE Tape-In Hair Extensions are crafted from 100% Remy human hair, setting a standard for unparalleled softness and natural shine. The Remy hair ensures that the cuticles are aligned in the same direction, minimizing tangling and providing a smooth, silky texture.

  Discreet Attachment:

Our tape-in method is one of the most discreet hair extension techniques available. Ultra-thin, lightweight tapes are applied close to the scalp, virtually disappearing into your natural hair for a seamless look.

Customizable Styling:

With SHE Tape-In Hair Extensions, you have the freedom to experiment with various hairstyles. These extensions can be curled, straightened, and styled just like your natural hair, allowing you to create unique looks effortlessly.

Color Variety:

Choose from a range of shades to match your hair color perfectly. Whether you're looking to add highlights, lowlights, or a complete color change, we have you covered.

Easy Maintenance:

Treat your Remy Hair extensions with the care they deserve. Wash, condition, and style them just like your natural hair to keep them looking gorgeous.


How Do I Know What Color To Order?

If you are having trouble choosing the correct shade to match your hair we recommend ordering our color wheel to find the perfect match.

How Long Do These Hair Extensions Last?

With proper care our hair extensions last at least 6-9 months.

How are Tape-In Hair Extensions applied?

ape-In Hair Extensions are applied by professional stylists using a safe and gentle adhesive. Ultra-thin tapes are placed close to the scalp, ensuring a discreet and secure attachment.

How To Apply Tape-In Extensions

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