4 Stunning Prom Hairstyles That You Can Create All By Yourself

4 Stunning Prom Hairstyles That You Can Create All By Yourself

Prom season. It’s often met with excitement by teens and dreaded by parents. Although moms and dads love watching their kids dress up, pose for photos with their dates, and head out for a night full of fun, the fact of the matter is that parents spend an exorbitant amount of money when April rolls around and prom season gets into full swing.

From dresses to flowers and hair, spending often averages around $919 per prom-goer. It’s a figure that makes most moms and dads shudder. But what if there were a way to get more bang for your buck when it comes to creating perfect prom hairstyles?

By investing in high-quality products from Beyond the Beauty that you can use on the big day and every day thereafter, you can create 2017’s hottest prom hairstyles from the comfort of home. Whether you’re a smart-spending mom or an industrious teenager getting ready for prom yourself, here are some great looks to try. 

Effortless Bun

Prom 2017’s take on this trend is a far cry from your pre-workout messy bun. For a romantic bun that rests on the crown, coat second-day strands with light-hold hairspray. Using the SHE large-barreled curling iron by Beyond the Beauty, create a head full of loose, voluminous curls and add a bit more hairspray for hold. There’s no need for fussy ringlets here. Just aim for volume.

After that, pull your hair into a loose high ponytail and fasten with a hair tie. Twist your ponytail into a bun, creating a sweeping shape. Fasten with bobby pins and pull your shortest face-framing layers loose. If necessary, reshape those pieces with your curling iron and lock it all in with strong-hold hairspray. For even more volume, curl a SHE ponytail extension by Beyond the Beauty and add that to your ponytail before wrapping the bun. 

Half-Up Twist

Wash hair and blow dry with the SHE 3300 professional hair dryer by Beyond the Beauty. Because a large section of hair will be down, create tighter curls that’ll last all night with the SHE volume curling iron 25mm by Beyond the Beauty. Curl all of your hair, alternating the direction each time for a natural look. Use a comb to push the front of your hair back as if you were starting to create a ponytail. Tease the area for more volume and spritz with sea salt spray all over for texture.

Then grab a two-inch section of hair at your temple and gently twist, moving toward the back. Fasten with bobby pins once you get halfway around your head and let the remaining hair hang loose. Do the same to the other side and fasten again with pins. The curls may look tight at first, but they will fall naturally over time and you can always break them up with your fingers once styling is complete. Add a few flowers to the twist for a romantic touch.


The Braided Headband

Create all-over curls in unwashed hair using the 25 mm barrel of the SHE 3P titanium curling wand by Beyond the Beauty, loosely wrapping toward the root and tightening as you wrap the bottom half of the strand. This will create gentle volume toward the root and a more extreme curl at the ends. Lightly tease your hair at the crown. After that, separate the hair on one side of your head starting at the ear and clip the back portion out of the way.

French braid the front portion, moving toward the back of the head, to create a braided headband effect. Fasten with a bobby pin or two. Pull all of your hair into a messy, low side bun and pin into place. Set the whole look with a layer of strong-hold hairspray.


The Elsa

“Frozen” sent more than a catchy song out into the world. Elsa’s enviable braid is sure to be a showstopper when it comes to prom hairstyles. Start by running a dollop of Olea serum by Beyond the Beauty through wet hair. Dry it with the SHE 3300 professional hair dryer by Beyond the Beauty.

Curl your entire head with the SHE 5P tourmaline ceramic volume 19mm curling wand by Beyond the Beauty and create uniform ringlets. Put texturizing powder all over the roots, combing the curls out as you go.

Add Clip N Go 20” hair extensions by Beyond the Beauty from nape to crown to get Elsa’s signature volume and length. Then create three French braids starting at the hairline—one down the center and one at each temple. Then incorporate those braids into one huge French braid that uses the rest of your hair. Tie at the end, pull pieces of the braid for more volume, spray, and prepare to make your whole school feel some serious prom envy.

Instead of spending a small fortune on prom hairstyles that’ll last one night, why not get your money’s worth by snagging some amazing styling products that you can use over and over again? Let us know which look you’ll try in the comments!

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