5 Perfect Hairstyles to Complement Spring 2017’s Hottest Makeup Trends

5 Perfect Hairstyles to Complement Spring 2017’s Hottest Makeup Trends

5 Perfect Hairstyles to Complement Spring 2017s Hottest Makeup Trends

It’s no secret to style mavens that nailing each season’s standout makeup looks is a top priority. As soon as YouTubers and bloggers give the green light on the next big things in beauty, people take to the streets rocking incredible looks with bold winged liner, gorgeous skin, and contours so flawless you can’t believe they’re not natural.

And like anyone dedicated to nailing makeup trends, finding the perfect outfit is a must. Going for a bright red lip? Nothing will make it pop quite like a sharp black-and-white ensemble. Want a more casual, sun-kissed vibe? A flowing maxi dress will serve you well. But what about hair? Just as important as makeup-to-outfit cohesion, a complementary hairstyle can really take your look to the next level.

Whether you’re preparing to stun on vacation, out for errands, or at Coachella, here are the makeup trends you’ll love this spring and the perfect hairstyles to match!

Bright Blue Wings and a Low Pony

Take your favorite winged liner and send it into spring mode with a bright blue update. In fact, use any attention-grabbing color you want from cobalt to fuchsia. The idea is to take the black liner you love during the fall and winter and punch it up. What you really want to do is accent the eyes, so pulling your hair into a middle part and sweeping it into a slick low pony will absolutely do the trick.

Create a perfect part down the middle and clip the top half of your hair up. Using the SHE ceramic straightener 1.25” by Beyond the Beauty, create poker-straight locks. Undo the top section and repeat. Once your hair is completely straight, tie it back into a sleek low pony and if you want to get rid of the visible band, wrap a one-inch strand of your own hair around it and bobby pin that into place underneath. To really create a polished look, warm a pea-sized amount of Olea serum by Beyond the Beauty in your palms and run it all over your hair. Finish with a light coat of hairspray to keep flyaways at bay!

Faux-Freckled Mermaid

Dewy skin and faux freckles (or the real deal if you’re naturally blessed) are definitely in. Use a super light coverage foundation and some liquid highlighter to enhance your natural beauty. Then add some faux freckles with a neutral-toned brow pomade for a youthful, fresh-faced vibe. What better way to drive your beachy, effortless look home than with some seriously beautiful mermaid hair?

The name of the game is volume and texture. Starting with second-day hair, section the hair into about four equal parts, letting one down at a time. Create big, loose curls with the SHE large-barreled curling iron by Beyond the Beauty, alternating the direction of each curl for the most natural-looking tresses. Continue until all sections are curled. Flip your head over and tousle your hair with your fingers and if you feel like the ringlets are a little too tight, run a wide-toothed comb through them. Finish with your favorite dry texturizing spray for a messy, lived-in vibe that’s perfect for spring and summer.

Bold Lip, Bronze Eyes, and Long 70s Hair

There’s something so springy about a bold, neon lip and a light bronzy eye paired with dewy skin. As far as makeup trends go, this may be the most striking. Keep your foundation routine simple, spot concealing where you need to and using a BB cream to even your complexion. Pop your favorite bronze shadow on your lids and buff out, bronze the skin, brush on your favorite highlight, and steal the show with an unexpected neon lip.

Let your lipstick do the talking by creating a perfectly understated frame. Go with the flow by kicking it all the way back to the ‘70s with long, effortless locks. Wash your hair and dry it with the SHE 3300 professional hair dryer by Beyond the Beauty. Straighten your hair with the SHE Brilliant Tourmaline ceramic hair straightener 1” by Beyond the Beauty after that. When you get to the ends, bend inward slightly to avoid creating a look that’s too harsh. To really drive the look home, add some Flip N Go 20-22” hair extensions by Beyond the Beauty for crazy length. Put texture powder in your palms, flip your hair over, and run it through the roots for a little lift. Flip it back, fix your part, and make sure there’s no orange lipstick on your teeth!

Pastel Smoky Eye and an Undone Updo

Everyone loves a good smoky eye, but black and brown shadows can look a little heavy when temperatures rise. Use the same techniques with your favorite pastel hues instead for a summery update. You can even throw in the colorful liner trend if you’re used to a wing! Up the sexy factor with a gorgeous messy updo that’s a sultrier, more polished take on the classic undone bun.

Comb second-day hair back toward the crown as if you were pulling it into a ponytail. Clip it all back loosely, pulling the hair on top of your head forward a bit for more volume. Then use sea salt spray or texturizer on the roots at the top of your head to hold that shape. You can tease this area as well for greater lift. Let that sit while you work on your pastel smoky eye. When that’s done, add some texture from the ends to about halfway up the shaft with the SHE volume curling iron 19mm, especially if you have very straight hair. By now, the products at the top of your head should be set, so run a comb through your curls and pull everything into a bun that sits at the crown. Frame your face with some loose strands to avoid looking too polished.

Festival Face and Fishtail Braid

Even if you’re not going to Coachella, there are so many festival-friendly makeup looks out there that can be worn to summer bonfires, to concerts, or on girls’ trips. Draw some inspiration from your favorite YouTubers and go for a makeup look that’s bound to stand out, complete with appliqués under the eyes, graphic liner, or gold glitter highlights.

To offset the whimsy of this trend, go for a classic hairstyle like a messy fishtail braid. Add a texturizer to the roots and part hair down the middle. Tousle with your fingers and then sweep your hair to one side. Next, fishtail braid as you normally would. If you don’t have long hair, you can still achieve this look by incorporating SHE Clip N Go 20” human hair extensions by Beyond the Beauty before gathering into a ponytail. Fasten the end of the braid and then pull at the sides to make it look less polished. Free a few strands near your face for a look that’s bound to turn heads.

Which makeup trends and hairstyles are you most excited to try out? Let us know in the comments below!

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