6 Amazing Cannes Hairstyles You Have To Rock This Summer

6 Amazing Cannes Hairstyles You Have To Rock This Summer

Although the Cannes Film Festival is heralded as being one of the most glamorous nights of the year, celebrities and models swapped overdone ‘dos for stunning low-key looks as they walked the red carpet this past weekend. Something about seeing gorgeous gowns paired with straightened locks and edgy buns is so satisfying. More importantly, it’s giving us serious hair inspo just in time for summer.

From Nicki Minaj’s sleek locks to Sara Sampaio’s far-from-fussy braid, these are the six Cannes hairstyles that you absolutely have to try this summer.

Poker Straight

Rapper Nicki Minaj and Italian model Paola Turani absolutely nailed the pin-straight look at Cannes this year. Whether you want Nicki’s glossy, ultra-long tresses or just want to use what you’ve got like Paola, products and styling tools by Beyond the Beauty have you covered. To go the Nicki route, wash with Olea shampoo and conditioner by Beyond the Beauty and after towel drying, run Olea serum by Beyond the Beauty through the ends.

Dry completely and then add Flip N Go 16”-18” hair extensions by Beyond the Beauty for dramatic length. Part hair down the middle and use the SHE Brilliant Tourmaline Ceramic hair straightener by Beyond the Beauty, ironing the hair completely straight all the way down. For Paola’s look, do the same but without the extensions.


The half up, half down look isn’t just for kids. Give your style a dreamy update by channeling Rosalind Lipsett’s Cannes look. Start with clean, dry hair. Add some romantic curls with the SHE Volume 25 mm curling iron by Beyond the Beauty that stop just about halfway up the strand. Lightly tease the hair on top of your head and then gently push back as if you were creating a ponytail and then use a bobby pin or two to fasten that section in place. Take two-inch sections of hair, one at each temple, and create twists that move toward the back of the head. Pin each one down discreetly and let the ends hang to blend in with the rest of the hair.

Tousled Braid

Sara Sampaio’s incredible braid made just about everyone at Cannes jealous, and for good reason. While hers was of course paired with an evening gown, you can rock this look all summer whether you’re in a jumpsuit or your favorite band tee. Starting with second-day hair, spritz all over with dry texturizing spray. Use the SHE Volume 25 mm curling iron by Beyond the Beauty to create soft curls throughout. Pulling your hair either straight back or to the side, create a big, loose braid and fasten at the end. Pull your shortest face-framing layers free and finish with hairspray.

Top Knot

There’s really no way to go wrong with a sleek top knot, as Bella Hadid proves time and time again. To get her Cannes hairstyle, flip your head over and start pulling your hair up to create a bun that’ll rest right on top of your head. Before fastening, twist the hair and then wrap it into a tight knot, leaving a few stray ends poking out for an edgy vibe. Finish by smoothing down your hair with Olea serum by Beyond the Beauty and then spritzing with hairspray.

Swept Up

Jasmine Tookes was a vision in her swept-up Cannes hairstyle. Let your natural oils work for you by coating second-day hair with dry texturizing spray to add hold and visible texture. Use the SHE volume 18 mm curling wand by Beyond the Beauty to create fairly tight curls all over your head. Gently brush them out with your fingers so you’re left with a ton of volume. Push your hair back into a loose chignon of your choice, whether it be a soft knot or a braided bun. The idea is to create a voluminous undo that goes great with just about any look. Pin in place and finish with hairspray.

Beachy Bend

The soft bend is absolutely everywhere you look this year, and the Cannes red carpet was no exception. Camila Morrone paired a dazzling blue dress with perfectly undone hair to create a stunning contrast, and the best part is that this look is equally beautiful on summer lunch dates. Instead of making ringlets, use your SHE Volume 25 mm curling iron by Beyond the Beauty to softly bend one-inch sections of hair, switching the direction each time. Leave the ends loose for the most laid-back look. Once your hair looks beach ready, finish with sea salt spray.


Gone are the days of fussy, hard-to-master red carpet looks. These six Cannes hairstyles transition effortlessly from red carpet to real life, so which ones will you try this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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