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Long, sexy locks; even if you like wearing your hair in a short cut, you probably at some point have yearned for a lush long hairstyle. Whether it was a photo of gorgeous butt skimming waves or an intricate updo that requires long hair, you have been tempted at some point or another to grow your hair long. The good news is that Beyond the Beauty can make this possible for you, no matter what type of hair or hair styling skill level you have. With the help of our many styles of hair extensions there is a style that can fulfill your hair dreams. If you are new to the world of hair extensions all these options may be confusing. Maybe you don’t know which style would work best for you, or maybe you don’t even have an idea of where to begin! Don’t worry we are here to help. Let’s review the different types of hair extensions that we offer so you can choose the right type to fit your hair and lifestyle.

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Wear Them When You Want

Clip in extensions are for those who want just a temporary boost of volume or length for their hair. Beyond the Beyond offers several different types – Clip N Go Bangs, Clip N Go One Piece, Clip N Go 18”, Clip N Go 20”, and Flip N Go.

The name of Clip N Go Bangs explains it all; these extensions give you bangs. Bangs, or fringe as it’s sometimes referred to, can be a pain to style especially for those of us who have curly or wavy hair. Why go through the trouble of trying to get stubborn bangs to lay the way they should? There is an easier way! Beyond the Beauty’s SHE Clip N Bangs are beyond simple to use: simply clip them in wherever you think they look good and go. That’s all it takes to dramatically switch up your hairstyle with some fringe.

Our Clip N Go extensions are also extremely straightforward: the top of each piece of extension has tiny clips, which you use to attach the extensions to your own hair. Beyond the Beauty offers several types of Clip N Go hair extensions besides our Clip N Go Bangs – one piece, 18”, and 20”. One piece is exactly as it sounds: a single piece of hair extensions. This wide piece of extensions has 5 clips along the top, allowing you to quickly and easily add length and volume to your hair. This style is perfect if you just need to add a tiny bit of oomph to your hair. It could work for braided hairstyles but probably isn’t the best option for updos. The 18” and 20” Clip N Go styles refer to the length of the extensions. These styles come with 7 pieces of extensions in different sizes (two 3 clip pieces, three 2 clip pieces, and 2 one clip pieces) and are perfect for just about any type of hairstyle you’d like to accomplish.

Flip N Go Extensions are very similar to Clip N Go, the biggest difference is that they offer a bigger weight of hair with one piece of extension. The weight of the extension measures how much hair comes in the extensions (because could you imagine counting how many individual hairs are in each extension?!). So with the Flip N Go style you get the quickest way to add a large amount of volume and length to your hair the quickest way. These extensions look best with down styles, we do not recommend them for use with updos.

Sometimes all you want is a long and luscious ponytail. Beyond the Beauty has you covered with our SHE Pony Tail Extension. Using it cannot be any easier, simply gather your hair into a ponytail then attach the SHE Pony Tail extension to your own hair with the little comb and wrap it around your pony. Now you have a gorgeous, glam pony!

The One Step Wonder

Thinning hair, receding hair line, graying at the roots – if any of these are issues that you face the SHE Mono Lace by Beyond the Beauty can solve your hair issues. This elegant hair topper simply clips to the top of your head to solve your hair woes in less than 5 minutes flat.


Beyond the Beauty also offers two types of more permanent hair extensions: SHE ITip Extensions by Beyond the Beauty and SHE Keratip 20” by Beyond the Beauty. Both of these options require a professional to install the hair extensions and they are not meant to be removed every night or in between each hairstyle. These hair extensions can be treated just like your real hair: washed, styled with heat tools, put into updos, whatever your heart desires. They are also very natural looking; in fact most people will never even know they are not your own hair.

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