All Colors of the Rainbow Hair for 2016

All Colors of the Rainbow Hair for 2016

Katy Perry and her, now iconic, lavender hair.
Katy Perry and her, now iconic, lavender hair.

Several types of hair dyes are super-hot right now. We’re not just talking basic standard colors- think the 1980’s Rainbow Bright look-reds, pinks, purples, blues and greens. The cool part about this trend is there is a wide variety of ways you can wear it.  Many people love rocking a full head of crazy color whereas other prefers highlights or peekaboo pieces.

Celebs like Miranda Lambert and Tyra banks have been seen sporting pink and red color. Lambert chose pink toned highlights. This color goes great with her overall blonde color. In the purple spectrum, check out Katy Perry’s dew.  Perry was seen in late 2015 sporting bright purple all over hair color and a stylish short bob.

The latest color to gain popularity is the blue/green mermaid look. Hillary Duff, Kelly Ripa have been seen with this color.  Duff changed from her blonde locks to all over blue color with purple, grey highlights.  Bright hair color isn’t just for the ladies. Male celebs like Joe Jonas and Jared Leto have been spotted with and blue green and red locks respectively.

If you are interested in sporting these bold colors, here are a couple of tips to consider. For those that want to try out rainbow colors, but aren’t into long term commitment of color maintenance experts advise trying hair chalk or temporary hair sprays. These products let you see how the color looks with your skin tone and existing hair color. In addition to that, the color fades out more quickly than semi-permanent colors so it can be changed more regularly.

If you are interested in going “big or going home” with your color, seek out a professional hair colorist. Look online to see if they have a Facebook page to check out their work prior to your visit.  It is worth spending the extra money on this endeavor so your hair is in the hands of a professional. They can give you advice on what colors will look best on you and make sure the hair color is applied perfectly.

When you decide to take the big plunge to change to rainbow hair color, be sure to come into your local salon with “dirty hair”. By not washing your hair for a few days, your hairs natural oils serve as a protective barrier against the hair color which will help minimize any damage that may occur.  Hopefully by this time you have met with your colorist and have a game plan in place as to how your color will be applied. One way to have hair color applied is using the hair painting technique. This makes the roots blend into the color more subtly as the hair grows out.

Kelly Osbourne rockin' the "Granny Hair" look.
Kelly Osbourne rockin’ the “Granny Hair” look.

The second hair dye trend that is gaining also gaining in popularity is gray hair. Celebs like Kylie Jenner and Kelly Osborne have brought this look into the spotlight. Gray hair or “Granny hair” has fast become a popular search on Instagram and Pinterest.

Many ladies who are starting to turn gray naturally are starting to let their roots grow in. Also young hipsters are seeking out their local colorist to help them with this look. “Granny hair” is a challenging look to achieve if you don’t have naturally blonde hair. The hair has to be bleached first then have an additional dye applied to it.

Experts’ advise if you are interesting in going gray, you should stop coloring your hair prior to your color application for roughly six months. This will help get a more even application of the bleach and hair dye. Then one to two weeks before your appointment you should schedule a deep conditioning treatment. This will help minimize damage from the chemicals used to turn your hair gray. When you have a week left before your appointment, stop washing your hair two to three days beforehand. Your natural oils will also help protect your hair against damage.

Once you’ve made it through your first appointment, here is what you need to do to keep your “granny hair” looking its best. First, be sure to wash and condition your hair regularly with a sulfate free, color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Every two to three weeks use a gray color depositing product to keep your gray color looking fierce. This is as needed based on how quickly your color fades/roots grown in. Lastly, you should plan on hitting the salon roughly every 6-8 weeks to get your roots touched up. This amount of time is standard for most hair dye jobs.

DIY Root Touch-Up.
DIY Root Touch-Up.

Now you can save yourself some cash and color your roots in at home. First, get some petroleum jelly and apply it around your entire hairline from front to back. Then divide your hair into four to six small sub-sections. Put on rubber gloves and insert the dye on each section of the hair starting at the roots and going out to the ends. Let the hair dye sit based on the instructions on the box. Then be sure to wash out the dye and use a color safe conditioner.

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