Election Beauty Profile-Hillary Clinton vs. Melania Trump

Can we all agree to say  that this election has been controversial at best? However, one thing that has come across strongly has been both parties fashion which has brought them into the spotlight.

Let’s start with the Democrats, fans and foes alike can agree Hillary’s signature bob is awesome. Clinton pays $600 per haircut by stylist John Barrett of John Barrett salon.

hillaryclintonbobShe is busy all the time. Clinton goes on television and is continually in the public eye all day, everyday. Do you blame her for caring about how her hair looks? The public seems to have an opinion. This public critique has been happening for decades. Many people were questioning in the Presidential Debates if she wore a wig.

Makeup wise, in 2008, Clinton’s make up was transformed by makeup artist Kriss Soterin-Blevens.

In 2008, at the first Democratic debate on CNN ever broadcast in high definition, Soterian transformed Hillary Clinton’s look by eschewing typical red or nude lips. Instead she blended three shades on the spot, for a color that came to be known in the press as “the lipstick.” The shades were three of Soterion-Blevens’s own shades from her line Kriss Cosmetics –– Firefly, Red Rocks, and Pleasure, and that simple mixing of colors had tabloid writers, beauty experts, and people watching at home wondering whether Clinton had surgery or just a really good night of sleep.

Are you interested in getting the Clinton bob? Here are some questions to ask yourself beforehand:

Are you doing this as a rash move?

I understand the instinct to chop your hair off right after a breakup or other major life change. But as nice as it is to start fresh, you’re also more likely to make a rash decision you’ll regret. So if you’re considering making a big change to your look, try to do it when everything else in your life is status quo.

OLEA Serum

Have you thought about doing this change progressively?

Stylists recommend taking a bit off the length and playing with the texture, before going to the bob. Basically you should try the lob (long bob) before taking the plunge and see how much you like it.

Are you prepared for everything that this entails?

Yes, shorter hair is “easier” in some ways. While in other ways, such as maintenance, its not. You need to go every 4-6 weeks to get your cut trimmed. You should also pick up Olea E Hair Serum.

If you answered yes to all three questions, then you are ready for a bob haircut.

trumphairNow onto the Republicans, Donald Trump’s hair has been the source of much comic fodder. Let’s switch to his lovely wife Melania Trump’s hair. Her gorgeous brown hair is always perfectly quaffed when she’s at any campaign event or in the press.

Do you want amazing hair like Trump? Here are some tips-

Whether you have curly or fine flat hair, texture is everything and this woman got it right. Her hair always looks smooth, healthy and has no trace of coloring, although we know she does dye her hair.

The first step to great hair is to make it healthy. Avoid blow drying for a while, chemicals and damaging products and treat it with leave in moisturizers all night. A good beauty hack for amazing hair is to wrap your wet hair in conditioner and a warm dry towel and sleep on it. Not very comfortable, but worth the results.

For an in depth conditioning visit a spa that specializes in hair.

If you want Trump’s haircolor, you may need to modify it a bit. For special hair you need special color. Not every color fits every skin tone and hair type. Choose wisely when deciding and ask for professional help if you are unsure. The base of your hair has to enhance your skin type and look natural at the same time.

OLEA | E SHAMPOO & CONDITIONERMelania opted for the front highlight trend. You pick your base and add a lighter shade of it on the front of your head. This gives hair a sun kissed natural look. We are not talking about ombre highlights. These are more subtle and look healthier. Speaking of hair health, be sure to use a good shampoo and conditioner such as Olea E Shampoo and Conditioner.

These products are uniquely formulated with natural olive extract rich in Vitamins E to help protect hair from environmental damage. Delivers significant antioxidant and moisturizing properties to provide luster and elasticity to dull, damaged hair. It makes the scalp and hair feel revitalized, soft and healthy.

Trump typically sports natural very subtle makeup to bring out the former model’s natural beauty. She takes great pride in taking care of her skin and body. She isn’t one for cosmetic procedures and works hard to keep her skin flawless. People are so amazed by her beauty they often accuse her of going under the knife. Her makeup and skin are elegant and simple.

She stole the show multiple times throughout the campaign. However one of the biggest headline makers for her was at the Republican National Convention. With an elegant dark, smokey eye, Melania peered into the future and saw it was bright under President Trump, which caused her to smile widely. Her lips looked incredible in pink, and with her eye makeup, it was definitely a winning ticket!

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