Express Yourself! through Fashion and Hair

Express Yourself! through Fashion and Hair

We are all awesome and unique human beings. However, we live in a very judgmental society. Let’s face it, people look at how you present yourself. Part of your personal presentation is what you wear and how you do/style your hair.

At New York Fashion week this year, there were a number of varied trends regarding fashion. In hair-hair accessories and braids were seen rocking the runways of designers. The braids were not traditional by any means. They were various shapes and sizes and located in different spots. Just like the models wearing the hip braids, you make an impression with your presence.

People make assumptions before you open your mouth based on how you look. It’s sad but very true, wearing short, tight, revealing clothes to work won’t help you score points with your boss. Fashion and hair styles throughout the year have changed. Many have used these arenas a tool to express themselves.

Depositphotos_83575288_originalIn the 60’s mini-skirts and big, but sleek hair were super popular. If you didn’t have big boots with a short skirt, you just weren’t cool. Then we move to the 70’s where hair and fashion were politically motivated. Flower power, bellbottoms and bohemian dresses were all the rage. Fashion made a big transition in the 80’s were clothes started to become formal and have “lines” and dresses were designed with shoulder pads in them. 80’s hair was big and poufy with waves that were held in place with a ton of Aqua Net Hairspray. Fast forward to the 90’s where the unkept, grunge look was in. Think plaids, unwashed hair, etc. Many people believed the fashion/hair style of that time was a movement against rules and government. The kids then supposedly didn’t care.

Hair and fashion looks whether they be on the border of extremism or straddling the divide between personal expression and a political viewpoint. Love it or loathe it, their importance in each era should not be underestimated. We as people learned something about ourselves and the world as it was at that particular time.

Vanilla disco punk style. glamorous lady partyFashion and hair have always existed as a medium for people to express themselves. This means expression about political issues, religion or “parents that just don’t understand. Fashion has basically been the social thermometer of our times. It takes the pulse of the society at large. What’s interesting is that in the past 15 years there has been a drastic increase in how fashion and hair are documented. With social media channels like, Blogs, Periscope, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram,, there are now more ways than ever for people to share their personal style.

Blogs are free mediums for people to share their passion for fashion and hair. There are tons of fashion blogs out on the internet today. Harpers Bazar selected top fashion bloggers we should be following.

Here is their top 5:

  • Gizele a Go-Go-Latin bombshell Gizele Olivera rocks fashion with flair in New York City. Her outfits are funky and fun. She loves matching accessories with her looks.
  • India-Rose– Rose is a London based creative director, digital consultant and stylist. She has a unique, fresh style that is all her own.
  • Aleali May-May is a Columbia Graduate, model and blogger. While she was in college she got her start working with Louis Vuitton and RSVP Gallery. She currently collaborates with a number of international brands sharing her style. Her look is super sporty and street hip.
  • The Fashion Guitar-Charlotte Groeneveld worked in the fashion blog world then decided to start her own blog. She resides in New York City. Groeneveld prides herself on only collaborating with brands/designer that she truly likes. Her style is upscale sophisticated and very fashion forward.
  • Camille Over The Rainbow– Camille Charriere is a professional Fashionista. Charriere has worked with NET-A-PORTER and She’s best known for luxury fashion.

Depositphotos_12566317_originalEach of these ladies has their own distinctive taste in fashion. They bring something different and unique to the blogging and fashion world!

Just like the general fashion blogs that we mentioned, there are hair and nail blogs out there are as well. Blogs have proven to be a great way for writers and stylists to get their big breaks in fashion and hair. But here’s the thing, fashion isn’t a one size fits all medium. There is something in it for EVERYONE.

The fashion movement of bloggers, fashion Instagramers, street stylist shows that fashion now, more than ever is a way for people to express themselves. Fashion has the ability to transcend cultural, religious and political boundaries. Fashion helps us express ourselves and how we feel by the clothes we wear and how we style our hair. No matter what fashion preferences you have, be sure to rock your style with confidence. Dare to be brave and bold with your look.

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