FALL 2016 HAIR TREND ALERT! Tiger Eye Hair Color

Fall is officially here and so is the need for change if you want a new look that will dazzle and amaze your family and friends on Thanksgiving Day, you should consider the latest hair trend, Tiger Eye Hair Color.

tigers-eye-gem_2_largeWhat is this? Tiger Eye color is inspired by the tiger eye stone. The Tiger Eye pebble is associated with healing powers. So think about it like this, change your winter hair color to this and you’ll start the New Year off with good vibes coming your way.

People wear Tiger Eye jewelry for protection and confidence and rich brown and gold colors. The colors are blended through using a technique that is similar to balayage. Here’s some easy tips on how to do Tiger Eye at home:

Always perform an allergy test-It is essential to carry out a test 48 hours beforehand. Even if you’ve used a product before or regularly colour your hair, you still need to perform an allergy alert test each and every time as you can develop a sensitivity to the ingredients at any time.

‘The hot cross bun’ technique’-To section hair, use the ‘hot cross bun’ technique; divide your hair into four sections by running a comb down the centre of your head and then across from ear to ear. You can then easily work with one section at a time.

Don’t forget your Vaseline – Apply a barrier cream such as Vaseline to the hair line to avoid staining the skin. Then you can begin to dye-To achieve the balayage effect, only apply the colourant to the lengths of the hair and in the areas you specifically want to lighten the colour on, avoiding any exposure to the roots.

hair coloring
hair coloring

We advise to do a small section at a time-Use hair grips to secure the hair whilst you work through each small section. Remember, don’t be scared to use your fingers (but remember gloves!)-Do not rub into scalp or roots. Apply the colour using your fingers to achieve the most natural effect, blending the colour through using soft downward strokes Now comes the fun part, werk, werk, werk-Work through the hair strands in each section to ensure full saturation.

Last but not least, Pour any unused colour mixture away. It will lose its effectiveness after an hour. To achieve the Tiger Eye look that’s all the rave on social media, you’ll want to make the base color slightly darker (step 4). Then paint in caramel highlights (lighter colors).

tigereyehairIf you don’t feel confident in your painting skills, you want to head to the salon and ask your colorist for hand-painted caramel highlights paired with a warm or dark chocolate base. Here are some videos about achieving the Tiger Eye look,

Pro stylist Laura Estroff described this look, “It’s the perfect thing to refresh your sun-bleached locks. Ask for lowlights, and then add some subtle dimension by having your colorist paint on a few face-framing highlights.”

Root shadowing in deep roots with a contrast of rich honey blond highlights is great for light brunettes.” It’s natural and will be enough of a change to keep you satiated until spring. Plus, it’ll only take an hour for your colorist to complete.

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