Fashionable Halloween Costume Ideas

Next Monday is Halloween. For those that want to dress up, its fun to show your creative side and Pinterest like abilities. However, is it possible to find any costumes that are hip and fashion forward? The answer is YES!

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Enter costumer #1 – Anna Wintour – Wintour is coming, just after fall that is!

Crossover costumes are tricky territory: A pair-up that may seem obvious to you (or even absolutely brilliant on paper) may not translate into an outfit — especially one that people will be taking in at a dimly lit party. But often, two concepts are better than one, especially if there’s a good pun involved. And when the very subject you’re trying to emulate is in on the joke? Well, it makes it all the sweeter.

Enter: The fashion pun. This idea comes courtesy of Anna Wintour herself, sort of. Earlier this year, in a Freaky Friday-type switcheroo, the legendary fashion editor traded places with Amy Schumer for a day and tried her hand at stand-up, ending on the wonderful closing zinger that was: “Remember, Wintour is coming.” So, yeah, we’ve been holding onto this one for a while.

If you’re a member of the fashion flock, you likely already own some elements of an Anna Wintour costume. (It’s a textbook fashion-girl costume — just ask Kim Kardashian.) Seeing as the Vogue editor and Jon Snow each has a signature look, it’s a matter of combining the most recognizable pieces so that your costume is met with impressed raised eyebrows rather than confused cocked heads. Don a bobbed wig or if you have a short bob, straighten it with Beyond the Beauty’s Ceramic straightener – special edition 1.25” Pink. You will also need oversized black sunglasses, and a tweed suit for Wintour; add a furry black coat and sword for Snow. And wear a sullen expression to bring the whole vibe home.

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-11-02-16-amCostume #2 – Marilyn Monroe

Do you want to be the girl all the guys are checkin’ you out? You’ll need that iconic white dress or a white sheer dress with no sleeves will work. Many places such as Target have the dress online for less than $50.

Then you need a bleach blonde wig, or you could decide to take the plunge to go blonde on your own. Here’s the skinny on how to go bleach blonde:

The hair that gets the best results is virgin hair-meaning no hair dye at all or shades that are light brown or lighter. If you naturally have darker tresses, you can still do this but it will require some patience. This means it will take a few times of bleach processing to see full results.

olea e hair maskOnce you bleach your hair you want to wait a few weeks between every bleach to keep your locks looking their best. You also want to make sure you are regularly conditioning and using a conditioning mask on your hair. Pro’s advise you should use a conditioning mask such as Olea E Hair Mask two weeks before bleaching to build up the strength of your hair. In addition to that, don’t wash your hair for a couple of days prior to bleaching as it can irritate your scalp.

Once you do the prep work, you can begin the bleaching process. One of the most trusted bleaches — L’Oréal Quick Blue Powder — is also extremely cost-effective. Mix it in a bowl with some developer, which will lift hair color quickly and drastically, until the formula is about the consistency of yogurt. Darling recommends using a 30-volume developer.

Finish the look with a statement necklace, red lip and mascara.

beyonce-lemonade-stats-compressed-b4817248-cc3b-4b9a-b8b5-5126bf2f3de7Costume #3 – Beyoncé Chic

Lemonade was a cultural smash this year. Fans loved Bey’s video, the fashion, the cameos and figuring out exactly who “Becky with the good hair,” is. So if you are looking to get tongues wagging at your local costume contest provide your own interpretation of Beyoncé’s visual album this Halloween.

What’s great about this album is that there are so many ways to go with your costume and hair. In addition to that, one way you can go with this is the song that started it all for Bey, “Formation.” Fans of Halloween will love her Southern Gothic Vibe which is powerful and fierce.

If you don’t have B’s gorgeous long tresses, not to worry Clip N Go 20” hair extensions to the rescue. Check out this video for more.


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