Going gray early, why it happens and what you can do

Gray hair is supposed to be for older women and men. Well now a days it’s becoming a topic among the 20 something crowd as they are starting to see flecks of gray in their hair.

beyond-the-beauty-237-olea-shampoo-imported-400x400-imads9vtbvktu2t7Why are people going gray sooner? Experts say, its genetics. So you can blame mom and dad for this one, just kidding. Here’s the scientific breakdown, your hair follicles contain pigment cells that produce melanin. Melanin gives your locks their color. In addition to that, melanin also provides moisture to the hair follicle. Your hair may become more brittle and lose its luster. To avoid this you should use a moisture rich shampoo like Olea E. Shampoo. This shampoo is rich with vitamin A, E and antioxidants, our Olea shampoo protects and revitalizes your hair from breakage, splitting and frizz. Our unique formula with natural olive oil bring moisture back to your hair, leaving it healthy and shiny.

Dry, undernourished hair is often hard to style. Our Olea shampoo will help you gain manageability so your hair is easier to straight, wave or curl.

12831070_f520At some point your hair stops producing Melanin and becomes gray, white or silver. If you want to learn whether or not you will go gray early, look at your parents and grandparents. If they aged early (and went gray early) you will most likely go gray early as well. Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do to stop genetics.

Other factors that can explain gray hair include: poor nutrition and an underlying medical condition. The nutrition issue is big because proper nutrition is linked to the production of melanin. Translation, getting too little protein, vitamin B12 and amino acids can be attributed to gray hair. So do your best to eat a balanced healthy diet. And there is no truth to stress making you go gray. (My mother used to tell me that, but scientists have found no link between the two.

If you have gone gray early, you could have an underlying medical condition. Some autoimmune and genetic conditions are linked to premature graying. So, if you are someone that is going gray early, schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor just to be safe. Here are some other conditions linked with going gray early: thyroid disorder, vitiligo, anemia, etc.

Also, smoking can play a factor in going gray early. Studies have shown a significant correlation between smoking and the onset of gray hair before age 30. A 2010 study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that smokers are two and half times more likely to develop premature gray hair than non-smokers. Not only has smoking been linked to premature gray hair, but also to baldness. The chemicals in smoke can break down the hair cells and damage hair, according to The New York Times.

Last but not least, in addition to those factors, race and ethnicity play a role in going gray as well. Stereotypically, most Caucasian people start to notice gray strands around age 35 whereas African-Americans tend to be 40 when the gray hair begins. About half of all people have half a head of gray hair by the time they are 50, can you believe that?

attractive woman coloring her hair at salon

So if you’re going gray early-what can you do? You need to sit down and ask yourself, does the gray bother you? If you said yes, then you need to look for a hair dye. You can head to the drug store and try to pick out color on your own or you can schedule a session with a colorist at your favorite salon. Keep in mind with hair dye requires maintenance. Every 4-6 weeks you will have to get your roots done.

As the hair grays, its texture changes and can become coarser, drier and more brittle. Experts recommend using a moisture rich shampoo and conditioner to help hydrate hair. Also a blow-dryer can be damaging so don’t blow dry your hair every day. .

He also suggests not using a blow dryer, not shampooing every day and using a light texture cream or pomade to style graying hair.

Now if going gray doesn’t cramp your style, you’ll be so on trend. Your locks will be fashion forward with the likes of Kylie Jenner, Rhianna, Kate Moss and more. If you have just a few pieces that are gray and you want to take the plunge and go full gray. Here’s what you need to do: Colorist extraordinaire Siobhan Jones, who told Glamour Magazine: “In order to go grey you have to pre-lighten the hair to a clean white blonde and then tone with a personalized grey mix tone. Jade best suits having more of a natural root as she has brown eyes and a warmer skin complexion so I ensured the best suitability by placing the grey tones throughout the mid lengths and ends of the hair.”

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