Gold metal wining hair of the Rio 2016 Olympics

Tfraser-pryce-mhe Rio Olympics is in its second week. If you’ve been watching, you’ve seen some haircuts/styles that have been awesome and you’ve seen some other looks that make you question why that athlete left the house like that. Now for the athletes that rocked some great hair at the games.

Now for the flashy- Did you see Jamaican Flagbearer, runner Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce at the Opening Ceremony? She stole the show with her Ombre hair. Her hair was yellow and green, paying tribute to the Brazil and Jamacian flags. Not to mention, it made her stand out from the rest of her teammates. The hair looked awesome against the yellow in her country’s uniforms.

Want to rock your own ombre from the comfort of your own home? Find a picture of someone’s ombre color that you love. Take the picture to the store and find the right color for this application. If you have died your hair a dark color such as black or brown, store bought dyes might now work. You may have to head to the salon.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 11.07.02 AMThen begin dying your hair. Leave the roots for last because the heat from your scalp makes the lightening process move quicker. The end goal is to prevent your roots from being lighter than the rest of your hair. The second part of the dying process is dying all the roots on your entire head. You must wash your hair in a few sections to make sure you have applied the die throughout. This way if you wear your hair half up/half down all your roots will be the same color.

When applying any color, you can choose how much of your hair you’d like to be dark and how much you’d like lighter. After you have saturated your roots to whatever color you’d like, make sure the color blends by running your fingers through the rest of your hair. Usually the root color is darker than the ends. Then wash and dry your hair. Use a conditioning treatment such Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 11.10.33 AMas the Olea E Hair Mask to help repair your hair from the damage that dying has caused. Our Olea hair mask is natural, easy and very effective, especially for dyed and damaged hair. The nourishing formula gives your hair deep moisture and balance the PH of your hair which keeps the hair cuticle closed, making them shimmery and smooth. Our Olea hair mask increase the quality of your dry and damaged hair, creating the beautiful, soft, silky look you desire. Enjoy the natural relaxation treatment of our Olea hair mask for a long lasting gratifying result including shinier and stronger hair.

PhelpsDid you see hottie Ryan Lochte’s green hair? He so didn’t mean for that to happen. Prior to the games, Lochte decided to dye his hair blonde. Then he gets to Rio and swims and his platinum blonde hair turns green from the condition of the pool water.

Speaking of guys, swimmer extraordinaire Michael Phelps made headlines with his hair at the games. Prior to leaving the US before the games started, he got a really sharp haircut from an African-American barbershop in Atlanta, GA. He posted a selfie from the barbershop on Instagram with his new cut. The cut was perfectly aerodynamic as Phelps took home 5 gold medals and one bronze metal.

BN-PH831_MANBUN_P_20160809101524Did anyone else notice the manbun trend? Prior to the Olympics pictures and emojis started to emerge with athletes sporting different hair cuts with closely cut sides and long hair ontop. Guys are securing their hair like a ponytail on the top of their head then wrapping it so it looks like a bun. Then, the manbun trend takes off at the Rio Olympics. Everywhere you turn, hey that guy has a man bun.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 11.15.12 AMBack to the ladies, the women’s gymnastics team was sporting all kids of unique looks. Aly Raisman killed it with a high, chic bun. Here’s how you can achieve this look. Here are the things you need… Even if you don’t have these things, don’t worry, the messy bun can be easily created with just your fingers and a rubber-band. It is also easy enough to find all of the following items at your local 24-hour drug store. If you are thinking of creating a messy bun for a more important event like a wedding or prom you can plan ahead and find a store that specializes in carrying hair care products and accessories. For more details on this look, click here.

simone-biles-870Last but not least isn’t Simone Bials hair so cute?! Bials wore a high ponytail throughout the competition. She had the sleek ponytail secured with an elastic band. She kept the flyaways to a minimum by using barrettes. Her hair didn’t move an inch throughout the competition. That’s impressive if you look at all the intricate jumps and flips she did throughout the event. She finished her look with a bow and scrunchie around her ponytail. Kudos to Bials for becoming the most decorated African American gymnast in history!

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