Hair Health Tips for Every Type

Hair Health Tips for Every Type


Did you know that 60% of your hair condition is based on genetics? So that quote, “she got it from her mama,” is so true. But what’s more interesting is the other 40% of your hair condition is due to how you take care of it.

So what is the best way to put the odds in your favor for beautiful, healthy locks? Experts say stick to a daily hair care routine based on your hair type. If you can’t figure out your particular hair type, talk to a hair stylist. They can help you identify your hair type so you know key maintenance tips to help your hair look its best.

No matter what your hair type, there are some universal tips for EVERYONE to remember. Be sure to drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods. These help improve the condition of your hair. Regular trims help your hair look its best. Last but not least, do not over wash, over color, perm your hair. Here are hair care maintenance tips for long, short, fine, thick and curly hair.

ÖLEA E Hair Mask
ÖLEA E Hair Mask

For long haired ladies, regular trims are very important. Trims help long hair not get too dry and frizz out. Also be sure to give a little love to your scalp! Your scalp is the foundation for great where great hair begins. Scalp and hair treatments are beneficial to keep long hair looking amazing. Olea E Hair Mask is great for dried and damaged hair. The nourishing formula gives your hair deep moisture and balance the PH of your hair which keeps the hair cuticle closed, making them shimmery and smooth. Our Olea hair mask increase the quality of your dry and damaged hair, creating the beautiful, soft, silky look you desire. Enjoy the natural relaxation treatment of our Olea hair mask for a long lasting gratifying result including shinier and stronger hair. Last but not least, think about trying a good dry shampoo and conditioner.  These products help clean hair without weighing it down.

Short Hair Don't Care!
Short Hair Don’t Care!

Ladies with short hair should be very vigilant about washing their hair. But the trick is not to over wash your hair. Washing about three days a week works for most people. You want to wash with a shampoo and conditioner that are anti-frizz.  Conditioners that are for smoothing help keep hair looking beautiful and not sticking up where you don’t want it too. As far as styling goes, you want to expose your hair to as little heat as possible. Avoid blow drying and straightening your hair. Let’s be real we can’t get our hair looking fab with no styling. So if you must flat iron, use a heat protectant spray.

Fine haired babes should get your haircut with layers as layers make your hair have more movement. More movement helps increase the look of more volume. You should ignore the myth about using volume zing products at your roots. That doesn’t help give you volume, in fact it makes your hair unless it’s a root volumizing spray. Apply product at the ends of your hair to pump up the volume. The ends of the hair are more absorbent.  Take it easy on the conditioner. Over conditioned hair doesn’t look great on gals with fine locks.

On the other hand, gals with thick locks be sure to hydrate your tresses. Drink a lot of water.

Wash your hair with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Deep condition every one to two weeks! Get scalp massages regularly.  Circulation from massage helps circulate blood and other important nutrients to the scalp. Use coconut oil or Jojoba oil.

Depositphotos_82439132_originalLast but not least, curly haired ladies have hair care routines the toughest. Ask around for a good stylist. You need someone that knows how to cut wavy/curly hair. Stylists that can successfully cut using the twist cutting technique are an amazing asset to gals that have curly hair. Curly hair doesn’t need washed daily, however it does need conditioned regularly.  Be sure to wash your hair in cold water. Cold water helps hair look shiner, locks in moisture and minimizes frizz. Don’t forget- everything you do causes your curly hair to break. So when you are brushing, styling do so very gingerly.

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