Hot hair color and nail trends for summer

Summer is a great time to add color to your hair and nails. For hair, you want to think lighter. This means take your natural hair and consider going a shade or two lighter. The following colors have been hugely popular: bronze ombre, warm honey, baby blonde, creamy blonde, matte blonde, subtle non-traditional colors (purple), and soft reds.

Depositphotos_75374677_s-2015If your hair is on the darker side and you aren’t a fan of high maintenance color, go two or three shades slightly lighter. Have your colorist add in complementary colors to your overall look. Think of it as a vamped up version of ombre 2.0 with deeper shades blended through the middle and slightly lighter ones on the ends around the face which keep color away from the new growth to minimize.

Next, if you love your brown locks and aren’t convinced blondes have more fun consider lightening your hair with amber/honey highlights. This will brighten you up without doing an overhaul of your color.

Now onto the blondes, if you are already on the blonde bandwagon achieve the baby blonde look by going even brighter. Add strategically placed blonde highlights around the face and crown. Another blonde look to consider is “creamy blonde”. Think Jennifer Lawrence’s latest look, post Hunger Games. This color is a little bit tricky to achieve so best advice is to seek out a good colorist at your favorite salon.

Smiling blonde with long shiny hairIf you’re looking to go big or go home with your blonde hair color then consider a matte blonde shade. Matte blondes are as blonde as blonde can be. Consider adjusting the color slightly based on your skin tone. On the other hand of the color spectrum bright colors have been on trend for the past several seasons. This summer, you can still think non-traditional colors, however those colors are now slightly subdued. So bye, bye neon’s and hello traditional purples, pinks, etc. Last but not least, if you are a brunette, you will want to consider going a more muted red. Think of matching your hair to the brilliant shades of summer sunset. Think peaches, apricots and fiery oranges.

OLEAPro-tip-Once you get your hair colored, in order to maintain your new look it is important to use the right products. Consider using Olea E Shampoo & Conditioner . This combo helps nourish your hair which may be damaged from hair coloring. The Olive Conditioner revitalizes and regenerates dry and damaged hair. Its texture completes the shampoo’s action, regenerates damaged hair, dry, dull or treated thanks to its Natural Virgin Olive Oil formula. The effect is immediate. A softening action, nutritive and disentangling, in just a few minutes you feel a hydrating sensation.

Now onto nails, the philosophy is similar to hair color, think bright and bold. Here are some top pics for the season: vibrant corals, pastels, neutrals and whites. For vibrant corals, head to your local drugstore and grab Essie-“Sunshine State of Mind.” This bright coral shade is a classic and looks great with a bronzed glow. Pastels and neutrals are old standbys and can be worn after summer ends. Last but not least dark glittery navy polish has become uber popular. In the nail world, blue typically is associated with winter. However, with the addition of glitter it presents a rock and roll vibe. This color is best worn on short, square nails to keep you looking glam.

As far as nail art goes, don’t be afraid to think bold and bright. Nail art this season is tailored to both long and short nails. You can also sport the stiletto nails with custom nail art and still be on trend.

nailartNail art associated with ice cream is hugely popular. After all who doesn’t like a little ice cream on a warm summer day? People have been sporting ice cream nails a number of different ways. Some go for the pink color and rock out the ice cream shaped nail accent. Check out the look here. Whereas others go for nail art on multiple nails that includes a painted on ice cream cone. Check out this look here.

Another look that’s making waves is the peek a boo nail. Paint your nail with a neutral color on top then flip the nail over and jazz up the backside with a fun summer color. Next consider sig sag nail designs or chevron. What’s fun about this look is you don’t have to be match. Each nail can have its own color and own nail design. Check out this look here. Whatever summer style of nail polish you decide on be sure to protect your hands and nails this summer. Here are some tips to keep in mind. Don’t soak your nails. Soaking your nails in water causes them to expand, if you apply polish too soon while your nails. Protect your hands post-manicure. Use gloves while doing outdoor activities like gardening to protect your polish from chipping and lifting. Gloves help protect your cuticles from drying out. Apply cuticle oil every night. This will keep your cuticles from drying out to the summer heat. This will also help prevent hangnails which can cause polish to peel and chip.

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