How to choose the right hair straightener & styling product according to hair type

How to choose the right hair straightener & styling product according to hair type

best ceramic hair straightener
Embrace ceramic hair straighteners.

A good hair straightener is an important styling tool that should be a part of every girl’s beauty arsenal.  Straighteners are one of a few items that help hair of all types-including wavy, curly etc. look AWESOME! Keep in mind it is also important to use a heat protectant product PRIOR to using a straightener to keep your locks looking their best. Check out Redken Hotsets 22 Thermal Setting Mists for $17. People love this product because it keeps your hair full while not being sticky or flaky.

If you haven’t purchased a hair straightener before, be sure to check out the types of plates on a prospective straightener. Stay away from metal or glass plate straighteners as they are awful for your hair. The plates tend to take a while to heat up. They don’t heat up evenly and can cause damage to your hair. Don’t be fooled by the low price point, step away from metal or glass plate straighteners.

Ceramic, titanium and tourmaline straighteners are your friends! Both heat up quickly and their plates provide even heat on hair and minimal damage. The hottest type of hair straightener on the market is tourmaline plated. What’s great about these type of straighteners is that they heat hair from the inside out. Hair heats more quickly with less heat. This is the best type of straightener to use as it doesn’t damage the hair.  Think smooth, sleek natural looking hair.

OLEA | E Hair Serum

In addition to plate type, you should look for a straightener that has a temperature adjustment function.  This is key for styling different hair types. If you have fine, naturally straight /fine hair you are going to want to pre-treat your hair with a heat protecting product, then focus on the temperature of your straightener. Start with the lowest temperature setting as possible and then gradually increase temperature as needed. Once your straightening is complete rub on a little OLEA | E SERUM ($95). (Get a sample here!) This will help smooth down any potential frizzes and make your hair smell amazing. Finish with a product like Loma Organics leave in conditioner ($9.99) contains sea salt that helps add body to fine/limp hair.

Ladies with thick, wavy hair need to look for straighteners with ceramic plates instead of steel plates. Non-ceramic plates can rip or tear hair, causing unwanted damage. Be sure to treat the hair prior to straightening with a heat protectant product then use your straightening iron on a high heat setting. A great product to use for thick/wavy hair is Bed Head, Straighten Out, Straightening Cream. Apply this to your hair when it’s damp then blow dry hair till it’s completely dry. This will help straighten out wavy hair with a flat iron without damaging your hair. Once you use a flat iron be sure to use higher heat to help this look hold on thick/wavy hair. Those curls are hard to come undone!

Natural hair is always a challenge.

Do you have curly hair?! How about morphing your current style into sleek, straight, smooth hair?! It can be done, with some effort. A hair straightener is a great option for those that have naturally curly hair. Be sure to apply a thermal protectant prior to using a straightener. A great product to use is Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Heat Setting Foam. This is especially great for ethnic hair! It contains vitamins and minerals that help hair look shiny and damage free!

You want to make sure curly hair is straightened when it bone dry!  Also it is key to use your straightener at a higher heat setting to ensure it will be able to smooth out the curls to straighten your hair. The only downside in this situation is this solution is only temporary and does require a lot of time and energy depending on how curly your hair is. Finish your style with Aussie Miraculously Smooth Tizz No Frizz Gel. This gel is budget friendly and will give you a great finish to your look.

Hairstyling. Beautiful redheaded woman with hair straightening irons
Hair crimping is also possible with hair straighteners.

What’s great about straighteners is you have a ton of options when it comes to hair styling beyond just the sleek, straight, look. Do you love beachy waves? Those are easy to achieve with the help of a straight iron. Here’s the lowdown dry your hair in small sections then braid the sections. Take your flat iron and squeeze it, working it down each braid. Once you get a section cools, undo the braids. Repeat the same thing around your head until all the braids are out. Run your fingers through your hair to separate these funky waves. Finish with a light hairspray to help them hold.

Beachy waves not your thing, no problem. How about big glamorous curls? Take small sections of your hair then twist them 90 degrees in either direction. Think similar technique to ribbon curling from the holidays. Run your fingers through the curls to style and set with hairspray.

How about rocking the 1980’s crimped look?! Take your hair, twist it back and forth through the straightener. Work the straightener all the way down to your ends. Do this in small sections throughout your entire hair. This look is great for course/fine hair. The result is pure 80’s crimped perfection.

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