How to Style Beyond the Beauty Hair Extensions

How to Style Beyond the Beauty Hair Extensions

Being able to have a well-proportioned volume of hair with long hair is one of the greatest dreams that all women have. However, not all are blessed naturally with voluminous and sexy hair. In these cases, nothing is better than leaning on beyond the beauty hair extensions to get the volume you want in a matter of minutes. Having hair with lots of volumes allows us to look sexy and decisive. Below are the different ways to style your hair extensions.


This is the most practical and also the least expensive. Simply clip the hair bands to the hairline. The clip extension remains a good option for those who wish to have a little longer for an evening or a weekend.

The great advantage is that they arise without much difficulty, with clips that look like small bars on which you must exert pressure (open and close like the bars for children). You can perform the pose alone at home, even the bands on the back of the head are easy enough to clip. Once you get into the habit, you’ll not even feel the clips on your head anymore.


Weaving is the most common method to style beyond the beauty hair extensions. After performing a few braids at different levels on your scalp either in the form of rays or spirals, the hairdresser will weave with strands of hair on the small braids.

If the weaving is well done, this method does not damage the hair at all. The result is very bluffing, and this technique is much more discreet. Furthermore, it is also much less expensive.


Hot extension is one of the best ways to style your extensions because it is one of the most durable and natural. This method is the most delicate because it requires the use of an experienced hairdresser in this area. Your hairdresser will attach wick by a strand of hair to the root of your natural hair using keratin.


In recent years, this new method is gaining ground. This style is completely different from the hot extensions; it is about wicks which are fixed by small rings (also called loops). The addition is attached to the hair using a ring that is tightened with special pliers. There is no risk that the hair will be damaged during the pose. The result is as bluffing and natural. The disadvantage lies in the fact that you’ve to maintain and diligently, washing your hair and doing special care. For those who would be reluctant to pose hot extensions, it is a perfect alternative. It will be preferable to use a hairdresser who has already been trained to the laying of cold additions.


Beyond the Beauty Hair Extensions, hair has power, and that makes us look attractive. Imagine being able to come to an event and be the attraction for the volume of your hair. We will be the envy of all! Go ahead and add the volume you've always wanted to your hair with beyond the beauty hair extensions hair. Specially enhance your beauty and be the queen you want to be.

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