The fall season is here again, and it’s time to start planning your spooky, yet cute, Halloween hairstyle. What to do with your hair during your Halloween day? Everyone knows that—aside from candy—the best part about Halloween is dressing as whomever or whatever you want. A great Halloween makeup can undoubtedly help create a unique costume, but for some, Halloween is all about the hair! Think about it. How many times have you been relentlessly running a straightener throughout your hair before heading out because you had no clue which Halloween hairstyle to do? The key to completing your killer look is picking great Halloween hairstyles. A fabulous hairstyle will be a unique addition to your costume, and also keep you looking fierce from head to toe. So instead of blah hair, why not try out one of these brilliant styles!

Whether you chose to go the Great Gatsby route, or opt for the classic flapper, this hairstyle is a Halloween go-to. Plus, flapper’s hair works for more costumes than you think. It’s great for mermaid costumes or anything that would benefit from a little wave.

While growing up, have you ever wanted to be a mermaid? Now you can! You can achieve these waves effortlessly. The best part about this Halloween hairstyle is that it involves no-heat curls. This is great for your hair. Furthermore, it saves your hair from damage, and it looks fabulous.

Princess Leia’s hair buns are truly iconic and essential to recreating this costume. This is the perfect Halloween Hairstyle for those with long hair. Part your hair down the middle of your forehead to the nape of your neck using a fine-toothed comb. Take each side of the hair and fasten into a ponytail. This should be about 1 cm above your ear on both sides of your head. Twist each ponytail then wrap it around itself at the base of the pigtail to form a bun and secure with pins. Remember the bun needs to look like a cinnamon bun. Secure each bun with hairspray, so you are rocking this look well into the evening!

This is a perfect look for those with curly hair. Comb the back section of your hair into a ponytail, leaving the front of your hair (around your hairline) loose. With bobby pins, secure the ponytail upwards, while pulling the front pieces back and securing them towards the twist. Complete this look by adding a hairpin or ribbon.

You don’t have to be blonde to make this pixie pouf work. It’s not even necessary to have bangs. You can fake your way to these long side-swept bangs. It’s also easy as pulling your hair up into a topknot. Just leave a section of the ends towards your forehead and finish with a hair tie or green ribbon. Since the majority of the look comes down to volume, ensure you use a texturizer or work with second-day-dirty hair. 

You can consider a last-minute Medusa costume if braiding is your go-to hairstyle. To evoke the most stone-cold villainess in Greek mythology, you just need few plastic snakes. The interesting part is that you don’t need to make perfect braids; wild, messy, untamed hair is what this costume is all about.

No matter what look you’ve planned for Halloween; these Halloween hairstyles will be sure to add the perfect finishing touch. I hope you’ve a happy Halloween!

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