Look Great this Summer and Protect your Locks!

Now that summer is almost here, people are starting to hit the beach and pool. But how do you look glam when you head out to soak up the sun? We’ve got some tips to help you on your way.

Depositphotos_96923748_s-2015Obtain a bathing suit that looks good on your figure. You don’t have to get a bikini. Just wear what you are going to be comfortable wearing; tankinis, full-piece swimsuits, bikinis with skirts or wraps – all are fine provided they fit well. Make sure to get patterns or colors that are bright and summery. If you like a certain part of your body, dress to flatter that part. Like if you have long legs, then wear bottoms that have ties on the sides. If you like your back, wear a backless. If you like your butt, wear bottoms with ruffles.

Purchase a great pair of sunglasses. They don’t have to be a designer brand to look good. You can get a great looking pair at any drugstore. Just make sure that they suit your personality and look good on you.

Wear cute summery sandals. Get some that are bright colors. Make sure that they are comfortable though because they could hurt your feet.

Depositphotos_37372865_s-2015Be manicured. Since your feet are going to be showing a lot, then your toenails are going to need to be cut neatly and painted in bright fun colors. You could try hot pink, lime green, or bright orange. Luminescent pastels are also cool.

Add sunscreen lotion. Before you leave the house rub or spray your sunscreen lotion on. This will give it time to soak in or dry and will be effective from the time you’re facing the glare of the sun. Speaking of sun protection, you also need to be sure you protect your hair from the sun and chlorine. Pro-tip-wetting your hair before swimming can be beneficial to your hair.

Do you love doing laps in the pool Then be sure to wear a cap. It’s not always the most stylish option but the most practical form of hair protection in the pool. Here’s some additional tips on how to keep your locks looking their best at the pool.

Secure Your Hair. If left loose, hair can easily become tangled while swimming. Tying it up is one of the easier tips on how to protect your hair in the pool. Medium to long length hair can be worn in ponytails or buns, while shorter hair can be pinned back with

Braid It Back. Those with really long hair will find that braiding hair back may be more comfortable.Tying hair back in a severe bun or ponytail could also cause some breakage and a braid is much kinder on the hair.

Don’t Shampoo before. Avoid shampooing your hair prior to swimming.This is an important tip to know when it comes to learning how to protect hair in the pool as shampooing can strip your hair of natural oils that create a barrier against the chemically treated water in most swimming pools.

Serum-for-website-800x800Treat with a Natural Oil Beforehand. In a similar vein to the whole wetting your hair before swimming idea, treating it with natural oil like jojoba, coconut or our OLEA E Hair Serum can protect it from chemicals used in many pools. The oils help seal the hair cuticles and create a physical barrier from the elements.

Condition Beforehand. Figuring out how to protect hair in the pool is all about understanding the importance of creating a barrier between hair cuticles and any chemicals in the water.

Much like using natural oils, a leave in conditioner can help seal hair cuticles making them less susceptible to chemicals.These are a few basic tips on how to protect your hair in the pool that ought to come handy these days!

You should, however, have in mind that there are other factors to take into account such as the type of activity and the length of time you’ll be spending in the water.

Do you have any other great tips on how to protect hair this summer?

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