Love Your Locks: Tools, Styles, and Tips for Fine Hair

Love Your Locks: Tools, Styles, and Tips for Fine Hair

There are few things more frustrating than dealing with fine hair. It often seems like it’s on a mission to make you miserable when your makeup is slaying, your outfit is on point, but your locks just refuse to pull through. Although plenty of people would just tell you to deal with it, why shouldn’t you be able to love your hair when you leave for work or school in the morning?

You absolutely should! Fortunately, we have plenty of tricks up our sleeves to help you get the most out of your fine hair. From must-have products to great styling tips, this guide is here to make sure your hair game stays strong.

The Tools

Having the right products and styling tools in your arsenal is key when you want to bring life to tired locks. Here’s what you’ll need.

Dry Texturizing Spray: A lightweight dry texturizing spray will allow you to build body and texture that your sleek tresses don’t have on their own. After styling, you can lightly coat strands from root to tip for texture, volume, and hold.

Medium-Barreled Curling Iron: While you probably think of a large-barreled curling iron when it comes to creating body, using a massive barrel is an easy way to kiss your volume goodbye after just minutes. By using high-quality styling tools with smaller barrels like the SHE Volume 25 mm curling iron by Beyond the Beauty, you can create a slightly tighter bend in your hair that won’t ditch you after an hour.

Fine-Toothed Comb: Head to your local beauty supply store for this inexpensive lifesaver. If you’re trying to rock an updo with fine hair, use gentle teasing to create hold and lift at the root. A fine-toothed comb will get you there.

Extensions and Hair Toppers: When you don’t feel like fighting with your fine strands, extensions and hair toppers are the way to go. High-quality clip-in pieces like the SHE Clip N Go 18” hair extensions by Beyond the Beauty will give your hair the heft it needs with easy insertion and removal. If you have very little volume at the top of your head, the SHE Mono Lace 12” topper by Beyond the Beauty is a stellar solution. These can be styled as usual.

Straightener: You might cringe at the thought of straightening fine hair, but you can do so much more with a straightener than just flatten your strands. Don’t feel like busting out the curling iron? Use the SHE Brilliant Tourmaline Ceramic hair straightener by Beyond the Beauty to bend your ends.

Large Round Brush: While paddle brushes may be fine for running through damp hair, you’ll need a good round brush for styling. Almost like a hot roller, large round brushes with ceramic or metal barrels create body and lift.

Flexible Hairspray: It may be tempting to coat your hair in Aquanet to keep your style from falling out, but for fine hair, less is more. Using a lightweight, flexible hairspray will give you hold and texture without weighing you down.

The Tips

Having all the right tools won’t make you a fine hair master, however. Knowing the best techniques is equally important. Add these to your repertoire and you’ll be in great shape!

Less Is More: It’s so tempting to pile products onto fine hair out of sheer desperation, but you’ll come to find that fine hair is much more cooperative when you don’t totally weigh it down with tons of mousse and heavy hairspray.

Rethink Dry Shampoo: If you spend any time watching beauty gurus on YouTube, you’ve likely heard tons of people saying that they wash once a week and then use dry shampoo in between. Fine-haired ladies, however, should resist the hype. Unfortunately, washing daily is a necessary evil for those of us with fine hair.

Because oil moves down our hair shafts so quickly, it’s important to keep things squeaky clean. That isn’t to say that people with fine hair can’t love dry shampoo, though. Look at dry shampoo as something you can use sparingly throughout the day to add some volume and keep oil in check.

Shampoo and Condition the Right Way: When you feel that golf ball-sized dollop of thick conditioner making its way to your roots, stop. Instead, use a nourishing shampoo like Olea shampoo by Beyond the Beauty from root to tip, rinse, and follow with Olea conditioner by Beyond the Beauty on the ends. Use your favorite deep conditioner once a week from root to tip for maintenance.

The Styles

Okay, now you’re ready to start slaying some staple hairstyles.

Bend It Under: Dry hair completely with the SHE 3300 hairdryer by Beyond the Beauty and clip up the top portion of your hair to reveal the longest layer. Brush smooth and then use your SHE Brilliant Tourmaline Ceramic hair straightener by Beyond the Beauty to create a gorgeous, natural-looking curve. Run the straightener from root to tip, pulling upward and outward slightly for added volume at the root. Bend hair under at the ends and repeat until all layers are done. Add hold with texturizing spray.

Be A Beach Babe: Live that mermaid life by creating a head full of curls that look like they were made by salty, coastal air. Create curls using the SHE Volume 25 mm curling iron by Beyond the Beauty, alternating the direction each time. Leave the very ends of your hair out for a natural, no-fuss vibe. When all of your hair is curled, give everything a once-over with texturizing spray. Flip your head over and mess things up a little with your fingers.

Style While You Sleep: Because fine hair will show every single kink if you sleep on it wet, turn a disadvantage into an advantage by French braiding your hair before calling it a night. Towel dry hair after getting out of the shower. Lightly brush out tangles and create two French braids on either side of your head. Fasten the braids and then go to bed

When you wake up, remove the braids and tousle hair with your fingers. Flip your head over and dry with your SHE 3300 hairdryer by Beyond the Beauty on low while scrunching the waves with your hands. You can also add some lightweight mousse from root to tip. When your whole head is dry, spray with dry texturizing spray for beachy texture.

Hang It High: For peak chicness, straighten all of your hair with the SHE Brilliant Tourmaline Ceramic hair straightener by Beyond the Beauty. Use a comb to pull all of your hair back into a tight, slick pony that sits on the crown. Drive home the drama by clipping in the SHE ponytail extension by Beyond the Beauty for added length. Smooth all of your hair with Olea serum by Beyond the Beauty for added shine and use hairspray for hold.

What’s your favorite tip for dealing with fine hair? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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