Love Your Locks: Tools, Styles, and Tips for Short Hair

Love Your Locks: Tools, Styles, and Tips for Short Hair

Have you ever walked down the street and seen a gorgeous girl with a killer short haircut and thought, “I wish I could be her”? Most of us have. There’s something so edgy and chic about a killer short hairstyle. And if you’re lucky, you are that girl.

Although rocking short hair may seem like the ultimate in effortlessness, plenty of long-haired ladies fail to realize that depending on the day, getting short locks to cooperate can feel impossible. After all, you’re fully committed. Messy buns can’t come to your rescue when things go haywire. But with the right tools and tips in your routine, you and your short hair can turn heads every day of the week.


The Tools

High-Quality Straightener: If you manage to ruin your ends with sub-par hot tools and you have super long hair, a one-inch trim can help you reset. If you’re already working with short hair, however, there’s less room for error. A high-quality hair straightener with adjustable heat settings like the SHE Brilliant Tourmaline Ceramic hair straightener by Beyond the Beauty will ensure that you get all of the style with none of the damage.

Sea Salt Spray: This is perfect to spritz all over the hair for a tousled look with the right amount of hold. A DIY sea salt spray gives a similar effect to store-bought options for a fraction of the cost. Mix a teaspoon of sea salt into a 20-ounce spray bottle full of seltzer water and you’re all set.

Bobby Pins: Although no one really knows where bobby pins go after a few short weeks, it’s always good to have tons around when you have short hair. While your long-haired counterparts rely on hair ties, you can create gorgeous styles with a little help from your (probably huge) stash of bobby pins.

Small-Barreled Curling Iron: Especially great for those of you with chin-length locks, adding a bend to the hair and spritzing with sea salt spray brings all of the celeb-inspired effortless vibes. The SHE Volume Curling Iron 19 mm by Beyond the Beauty will never do you wrong.

Accessories: Treat your short hair like a blank canvas and use fun accessories like brightly colored bobby pins and delicate headbands for some added quirk.

Pomade: Avoid overly slick styles by switching out gel with pomade that offers hold without excess crunchiness or shine.


The Tips

Use Less: Remember that when it comes to styling short hair, less really is more whether you have a pixie cut or a chin-length bob. Basically, use as few products as possible to achieve the look you want and give your hair just the right amount of hold to keep it that way. Where you can be a little more liberal is with heat-protectant creams and sprays, but remember that it’s easy to go from gorgeous to way overdone.


Go Halfway: Even though ladies with long hair have better luck with full blowouts, you’ll often fare better with hair that’s 50 percent dry. Before running out the door, run a bit of light-hold pomade through the roots for natural texture.


Make a Mess: No one wants a matronly look. When you curl your hair, stay far away from ringlets that are too prim and polished. Instead, either opt for creating a slight bend in the hair from the start or tousling curls thoroughly once you’re done.

Keep Up: There’s wiggle room in the grow-out department when you have long hair, but the shorter your style, the faster it’ll grow out into something unrecognizable. That’s especially true if you color your hair. Become fast friends with your stylist and be sure not to slack when it comes time for trims and touchups. If you have a pixie cut, be prepared for monthly appointments. Something like a textured bob will give you a little more flexibility.


The Styles

Slick and Straight: Take a page from Emma Watson’s short hair playbook and opt for slick hair with a deep side part. Run the SHE Brilliant Tourmaline Ceramic hair straightener by Beyond the Beauty through second-day hair from root to tip, bending inward slightly at the ends while smoothing to one side. Up the shine factor with a pea-sized amount of Olea serum by Beyond the Beauty and add natural-looking hold with pomade. Pair with statement earrings for the perfect evening look.

Mermaid-Inspired: Perfect for a jawline-grazing bob, create messy, undone curls with the SHE Volume Curling Iron 19 mm by Beyond the Beauty, alternating the direction of the curl each time and leaving the ends out to ensure that things don’t look too polished. For a chic take, part down the middle. Spritz hair all over with sea salt spray for texture that’ll make it look like you just spent a day at the beach.

Pushed Back: Instead of going full Elvis with shiny, slicked-back hair, give the look an updated twist by coating second-day strands with sea salt spray, teasing the top of the head, and pushing voluminous, textured tresses toward the back. For the ultimate in cool, gently sweep the hair toward one side instead of straight down the middle. Add flexible hairspray for more texture and hold.

Not-So-Undercut: While the undercut had a massive moment in 2015, people seem less inclined to shave half of their heads at this point. That said, it’s still an amazing look if you’re into going bold. Mimic the always-edgy style with some bobby pins, a curling wand, and a strong-hold pomade. First, create a deep part to one side. After that, sweep back hair on the shorter side of the part from the temples to the center of the nape as you would when creating a low ponytail. Bobby pin the ends down. (If necessary, coil the ends and then pin.) Smooth the pinned side with strong-hold pomade to really create contrast.

Once that’s taken care of, create a few messy curls on the longer side with the SHE Volume Curling Iron 19 mm by Beyond the Beauty. Tousle with your fingers and then add sea salt spray for Kristen Stewart-inspired texture. Add some hairspray all over for long-lasting hold.

There’s really no limit to just how cool short hair can look. What are your go-to tricks? Let us know in the comments!

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