Perfect Pleats: Half Up Half Down

Perfect Pleats: Half Up Half Down

Braids captivated the hair world several years ago and their popularity seems to have a stronghold that will not be letting up any time soon. Gone are the days of a simple plain braid, these days braids can be added to an endless amount of styles in many different ways. Beyond the Beauty is your resource for the latest hair trends and braids are no exceptions. We are here to get you the scene hair of your dreams. Clip in hair extensions make adding braids to your hairstyle convenient and easier then ever. We will be taking a look at different styles that can be jazzed up with the additions of some braided human hair extensions; lets start with a half up, half down hairstyle. A half up, half down do has been a go to style for ages. It’s feminine and girly and it’s an easy style to accomplish, what’s not to love. Braids add a fun twist that can take this hairdo into different style directions while also adding more interest and texture to a basic style. We’ve got three different takes on adding braids to this style all using the SHE Clip N Go 18” by Beyond the Beauty.


Timeless Classic

The simplest place to add a braid to this hairstyle is where the ends hang down below the elastic or pins cinching the half up portion of hair; the little ponytail part. Using the smallest piece from the SHE Clip N Go 18” by Beyond the Beauty (piece with only 1 clip) braid a three-strand braid, or a fishtail braid if you want something more fancy. Attach the clip to the elastic on the underside of your mini ponytail. Wrap you pony tail around the elastic and base of the extensions a couple times to disguise both. If you can weave the remaining ends through the loops you just created or through your elastic on the underside of the pony. If that’s not working out for you just pin the hair back there, preferably to the elastic or braid rather than your head. From the back you’ll have a little ponytail that gathers the half up portion of your hair topped with a braid. Easy and tres chic.


Feminine Frills

Braids framing the half up portion of the hair, placed right below, along the half up portion of hair (horizontally) really showcase the style and take it to the next level. For this take you’ll need 2 medium sized clips from the SHE Clip N Go 18” by Beyond the Beauty hair extension set (the pieces with 2 clips or 3). Again, choose whether you prefer a three-strand braid or fishtail and braid both your extensions the same way. You will be using the hair above the elastic from the half up portion of your hair to hide the base of the extensions. You will want to clip your extensions in as close to your temple as possible, right underneath the swept up hair, near your ear, one set of extensions on each side. Try to place the clips in vertically since that is the direction you want to place the braids (the clip will be parallel to your ear and the braid will start near one ear and stop near the other ear). Look in the mirror to check the best place to lay the braid, it should be like a hem: running right along the bottom of the swept up hair. Use bobby pins to secure the end underneath the swept up hair on the other side. If the braid is so long that you can’t tuck it in easily you can either let the ends hang down loose below the pin (looks great with layered hair) or fold the braid and hide the end underneath the swept up hair with extra pins. Follow a similar process on the other side. Now you’ll have more spots to hide the clip and ends of the extensions between your hair and the piece of extension you’ve already added.

Bold Boho

This more intricate style is a boho beauty incorporating several braids. Grab several pieces of your SHE Clip N Go by Beyond the Beauty hair extensions and braid different braids on different pieces. Get creative with different braids and the amount you do or don’t “fluff” the braids. While looking in a mirror to ensure the best placement, clip your braided extensions in at different spots right underneath the swept up portions of your half up do. To make this style really wow, clip a necklace or hair accessory so that it hangs along the bottom of the swept up hair. This look is sure to turn heads!

Which of these styles is your favorite? Do you have a different way you like to style a half up, half down hairstyle? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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