Rain tips for your hair

Rain tips for your hair

Rain, Rain go away. Now that Spring is here rain and humidity are your worst enemies. Is defeating them an option? Unfortunately no, but you can put up one heck of a battle for amazing hair by implementing these tips:

  • Be sure to sport a cute rain jacket and rain boots.

Covering up is your best defense against your hair getting damaged by the rain. Check out these fashion forward rain jackets with hoods from LL Bean, Nordstrom and Burberry. Good rain boots are also optimal while you are ducking and dodging the raindrops. Finds worth the money include: Hunter boots, Sorel boots and Tory Burch.

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  • Use an umbrella or scarf to protect your tresses.

Shield your locks from the elements by purchasing a good umbrella . Rain water can weaken hair by exposing it to toxins and pollutants which make your scalp more susceptible to itchy scalp and dandruff. Burberry, Longchamp and Marc Jacobs have some super stylish umbrella options. A scarf can shield your hair from the elements AND maintain your dew.

  • Post down pour/ monsoon hair care

So you got stuck in a down pour/monsoon with no umbrella that stinks. However, you can still rescue your tresses from distress. When you get home the first thing you want to do is towel dry your hair gently. Don’t be rough with your hair! If you try to comb wet hairs that have been exposed to humidity you are only harming your locks. Wet hair typically ends up tangling and breaking easier. Pulling by brushing hair can lead to more hair falling out. The best advice is to use a wide tooth comb on your hair after it’s dried.


  • General hair care

You should wash your hair daily/every two days. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and conditioner. Some people say using a homemade gentle shampoo is also great as well. Since your hair will tend to frizz more easily don’t forget to use a conditioner. Conditioning your hair is now more important than ever! Think deep conditioners or leave in conditioners. Be sure to try Olea Hair Serum, it’s great for combatting environmental damage and humidity. Is your scalp feeling dry and flaky? Try a hot oil scalp massage. If you select this option, do this treatment right before bed and leave it in your hair overnight.

  • Hair care products

Right now is the time you want to avoid any product that will make your hair look flat and greasy, this means-gels, serums, etc. Your hair naturally is going to look greasier because of all dirt/pollutants in the environment. Feeling like your locks are looking super greasy? Sport a pony tail or a bun. Those hair styles are the best for your hair because they are easy on your locks. Looking for a sleek look? Rock a side ponytail and some simple earrings. Sport a high ponytail for a fun, sporty look. The tighter more sophisticated hairstyles are bad for your tresses as too much squeezing and pulling can make you lose hair.

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