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There’s a saying online about leaving a little glitter wherever you go. Well now it’s back in vogue to put that glitter on your eyelids. Smoky and glittery lids were all over the runways this past fall proving glitter can be chic especially when it comes to makeup.

As if that’s not enough, celebs are being spotted wearing minimal makeup and rocking sparkly lids. Stars like Gigi Hadid, Lady Gaga and more are having fun with the extra sparkle; glittery eye makeup is giving them. Are you interested in sporting smoky eyes with glittery lids?? Here’s the lowdown…on how to rock this look.

Tools-You need an eyelash brush or two. If you don’t have eyelash brushes you can use yourMake-up finger. Just make sure your finger is clean prior to sticking it in your makeup. In addition to that you need a good eye primer, eye colors, a creamy eye pencil in a dark color, blending brush or a clean finger. Last but not least don’t forget a blending brush…

Here’s how you get started. Use the primer all over your eye to help your look last longer. Then use your pencil all over your lid and in the crease. By using this as a base it will help your color palate pop more. After that, pull out your color palate and apply your colors. Go over the eyelid pencil you used and go lower on your lash line with a medium flat-tipped brush. Be sure to blend your colors taking into account your dark color and brushing that color upward and slightly over the crease using windshield wiper motions.

After that, apply the lightest color on the brow bone area. Be sure to blend down towards the crease to get rid of any harsh lines or streaks. Next apply the sparkly color along the lower lash line. To complete your look applies fake eyelashes or if you are confident in your lash power, apply several coats of mascara. Apply the glittery makeup towards the inner lower lash line for added sparkle. Then line your eyes with a black eye liner

Steps for extra glam to your look-If your brows need a little more definition fill them in with a brow powder like using short, light strokes. Then grab a mirror and enjoy your awesome look.

There are also other ways to rock the sparkly lids. One look is to wear your upper lids neutral and then spread the fun under your lashes. Gently brush/apply the glitter under your lower lids.

Silver glittery eye make-up

Another look involves applying your sparkly shadow to your eyebrows. Supermodel Gigi Hadid made up her own eyebrow highlighter. Make your own get an angled brush and a small doll up of eyelash glue to keep the look in place.

If you are trying to pull of Lady Gaga’s amazing lids from the Super Bowl be mindful of going crazy with the sparkly shadow. Gaga’s makeup artist kept her amazing lashes looking glam by stopping the color just above the crease of her eyelid.

Another idea for glam lids is to use a little bit of glitter specks on the outer corner of the eyelid. Instead of doing the whole lid with glitter try to focus on the outer corners of your eyes. Last but not least consider adding a touch of glitter to give a sultry smudged look a more modern update.

For more help rocking these looks check out this tutorial-

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Another product to check out is Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color tattoo 24 hour crème Gel Shadow-$6.99. Fans of this product adore these shadows which have a creamy gel texture which is easy to work with. This consistency is smooth and it dries after one application. This is the best long wearing shadow, after 18 hours of wear it doesn’t crease, fade or get caky.

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