Spring color and nail art trends

Spring color and nail art trends

In the world of nail polish, there are a lot of options on the market today. All of those choices can be a bit overwhelming. Have no fear; we are here to help your nails be fab this season. Nail trends for spring include special colors.

Navy nail polish with sparkles and colors such as warm beige, charcoal gray and classic apple red are big hits for spring 2016. Navy has historically been dubbed a difficult color to pull off, however many brands have been adding sparkles to the color to give it an extra pop! The size of the sparkles varies by the brand. This shade should be worn on short square shaped nails for best results.

As far as warm beige goes, think 70’s cool. Meaning the color should be warm, opaque and shiny. Great colors to try include: Ever Glaze-Beach Glaze or MAC-Nail Laquer-Sweet Potion . Charcoal gray is super on trend this season. Fans love it because it’s a break from the plain nude colors, charcoal gray is basic yet hip. Check out: Formula X nail polish in Gray Matter and LVX in Anthracite. Last but not least classic apple red is a color that always seems to be in season. It looks great in the winter and sophisticated in the spring and fall. Awesome red colors to try include: OPI Nailpolish-Amore at the grand canal and Burberry Nailpolish-Military Red.

Now that we’ve got the colors in place, let’s talk nail art. This season’s nail art is simply cool. There are a lot of DIY opportunities as well. So if you plan on skipping the nail salon and opt to rock your own nail art, you need the following tools: a nail art brush, tweezers, base coat, top coat and stickers to section off your designs.

Before you start getting creative, you need to prep your nails. This means, first removing any old nail polish. Once you have the nail polish removed, cut and file your nails. Tip-Don’t trim your nails too short, it gives you less space to work with. Next apply a basecoat, this will help your nails not be damaged from polishing them and will help your design stay in tact longer.

Once you’ve got your basecoat on, the fun can begin. Lines are popular this season. One look to try is painting your nails a bright color, let your polish dry. Next, use your nail art brush to draw thin lines down your nail. Alternate vertical and horizontal designs on each finger.

If lines aren’t your thing then maybe ocean waves are. Mimic the look of the sea by painting your nail a lighter blue/green color. Apply two coats then let them dry. After that apply a matte gold shade from the tips to the middle of your nail. This will give a ocean meets the beach look. The sparkle of the gold will look amazing as a contrast to the water color.

photo88370082147839231Speaking of the sea, another fun look is the mermaid. Paint your nails purple, apply two coats of polish and let them dry. Once the nails are dry wrap a piece of mesh around the nail and apply solver polish with a sponge to make scales! Start at the tip and go halfway down your nails.

Flowers more your speed, then make your own on your nails. After your base coat has dried begin applying your flower color using nail kit brushes. You will need to experiment with different nail kit brushes to get the size of your flower leaves proportionate to your nail. Once you’ve figured out your nail leaves and started applying them, make your way around both hands. Once your leaves have dried then get out nail glue and your tweezers, apply a small dollop of glue to the center of 1-2 flowers on each nail then apply accent pearls. Let the pearls dry then apply a top coat to seal in the look.

Are you a classic kind of gal? How about a french manicure with a twist? Apply your initial color, use two coats then dry. Then apply your french manicure color one nail at a time. Once you have applied your color take a nail art brush to each nail. You need to make a split in the “tip” of each nail near the center of each nail. The end result is a unique french manicure.

Last but not least, if you like a bold, non traditional look try triangular tips. How to rock this look-Apply two coats of a lighter color to your nails and let them dry. Then apply triangular shaped nail stickers and apply your second darker color to each nail. Apply two coats, then remove nail stickers and voilá!

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