Spring has sprung-hot styles, make-up and clothes great for the season

Spring has sprung-hot styles, make-up and clothes great for the season

Spring time has finally arrived. With that comes spring events, brunches and religious celebrations. This Spring hair trends are pretty and simple. Popular hair styles this season include: big loose curls, Chignon bun, braids and accessorizing buns.

Achieve big loose curls Apply a thermal heat protector to your locks, and then begin styling. For big, natural looking waves, part your hair down the center; separate the hair into 2-3 inch sections. Use a curling iron such as Beyond The Beauty Volume Curling Iron , rolling your hair away from the face. Continue until all sections of the hair have been curled. Separate with your fingers and apply a light finishing spray.

Plan on rocking a Chignon bun? Don’t wash your hair for 2-3 days. You’ll need a comb, hair brush and bobby pins to achieve this look. Be sure to have bobby pins handy to achieve this look with ease. Part your hair to the side, apply a thermal heat protector to your locks, and brush your hair out thoroughly.

Smooth your hair behind your ears and gather at the nape of your neck Twist the hair from the nape of your neck to the ends, then begin to coil it in a counter clockwise circle. Continue to twist your hair in the shape of a bun. Use your finger to hold it in place. Secure each side of your bun with a large bobby pin. Gently pull and loosen the edges of the bun to get your desired shape, then secure around the bun with smaller bobby pins.

BraidsUse a comb/teasing brush to shape and volumize the bun by slipping the end through the hair and gently pulling outwards. To create added volume and dimension in the crown, slide the tail comb into the top of your hair and give it a little lift.

Braids of any type are in vogue this Spring! Here are some tips to make your braid stand out: Start braiding your hair lower than normal. For example, when sporting a French braid, start braiding just above the ear and let your braid be looser than normal. If you rock the fishtail technique, break the ponytail into two ropes, take a skinny section from the left and add to the right and repeat to the ends of your hair.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize with a bejeweled ponytail holder or bobby pin. On the runways, adding accessories to your bun is all the rage. Express yourself with bows, scarves and bejeweled headbands.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.48.00 AMNow that your hair is covered, let’s talk makeup. Spring is the season for a pastel color palate. Think soft colors, light pinks, purples, etc. Blush should be very all natural looking, meaning not a stark contrast from your skin color. Tie your look together with a pink lip.

To complete your look, you need one fierce outfit. Right now patterns and colors are super-hot. Check out this silk, drop waist, maxi dress on ShopBop .For more budget friendly alternative, look at this dress from Old Navy. Do you love the drama of a long dress? Check at this gorgeous, colorful number from ShopBop. Speaking of color, have you seen this Thalia Sodi Embellished High-Low Maxi Dress???

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