Take your hair straightening to another level with the BRUSH N’ GO

ScreenShot2016-07-01at9.11.21AMBLet’s face it, sometimes you need your hair professionally straightened. Now you can have the salon experience from the comfort of your own home. Enter your new best friend BRUSH N’ GO hair straightener.

SHE by Beyond the Beauty is proud to announce the newest addition to their line of high quality hair styling tools- the BRUSH N’ GO hair straightener. This product features rapid heating time, adjustable digital temperature, auto-shut off and heats up to 450 °F. The Far Infra-Red Heat function ensures the temperature is consistently maintained. Why is all of this important you ask? These functions ensure a salon grade user experience while straightening different types of hair from the comfort of your home. This device helps straighten your hair while keeping your tresses healthy and looking their best. The type of hair you have determines which temperature you should use your hair straightener at for best results.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 12.20.53 PMDo you have thick, unruly hair? Then you want to set your straightener 350-400 degrees. Be sure to start at a lower temperature and work your way up from there. If you start off too hot, you could unintentionally damage your locks. There are some other things to keep in mind when straightening thick hair to avoid damage: Shampoo and condition your hair and use Olea E Shampoo and conditioner. Uniquely formulated with natural olive extract rich in Vitamins E to help protect hair from environmental damage. Delivers significant antioxidant and moisturizing properties to provide luster and elasticity to dull, damaged hair. It makes the scalp and hair feel revitalized soft and healthy. The Olive Conditioner revitalizes and regenerates dry and damaged hair. Its texture completes the shampoo’s action, regenerates damaged hair, dry, dull or treated thanks to its Natural Virgin Olive Oil formula. The effect is immediate. A softening action, nutritive and disentangling, in just a few minutes you feel a hydrating sensation.

Using these products will help moisturize and repair your hair prior to straightening. Your tresses will lock in the moisture so your hair will be less likely to have split ends. Comb your hair at the ends then more at the crown. Apply a good thermal heat protector. Hair should be slightly damp for best results.

BTB-OLEA-290x285pxPro-tip: section your hair prior to straightening. The thicker your hair is the smaller your sections should be. Smaller sections will help your hair have a smoother more finished look. If your hair is very curly, you may have to run the straightener over each section several times in order to get it to straighten.

On the other hand, gals with fine, naturally straight hair don’t need to use as much heat. The finer your hair, the cooler your hair straightener should be. Experts suggest starting as low as possible (somewhere around 180°F) and working your way up if necessary. Again hair should be slightly damp for best results. You should still divide your hair in sections prior to styling however sections aren’t as much of an issue with fine, naturally straight hair. This product is safe for hair of all types.

The BRUSH N’ GO uses cutting edge negative ion technology. What does this mean? Negative ions interact with wet hair by breaking up the water molecules, allowing the smaller droplets to penetrate the outer layer of the hair shaft. Ionic technology takes a natural occurring phenomenon when hair is wet and breaks up the water molecules, allowing the smaller droplets to penetrate the outer layer of the hair shaft.

Good for the client and stylist. Ionic technology reduces the hair’s surface tension, leaving locks shiny and frizz-free.

Brush5What’s the difference between this hair straightener and standard flat iron? Standard flat irons literally make hair flat and straight. In addition, flat irons aren’t meant to be used on damp hair like this straightener, that would cause major damage to hair.

The hair straightener features Silicone Tip bristles which are gentle on your hair. You won’t experience the pulling and damage of a traditional hair brush. This means less follicle damage and split ends. The bristles help stimulate your scalp to produce natural oils which help your hair have a natural shine without looking greasy. The BRUSH N’ Go also features a 360-degree swivel cord. This is awesome because it makes it easier to style your hair without having to battle an unruly cord. This hair straightener is available in pink, purple and blue.

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