Tips on how to prevent hair damage

Tips on how to prevent hair damage

Your hair can be damaged by a number of factors ranging from hair dye and environmental pollutants to chemicals in products. The question is, how do you help your hair remain healthy despite all these variables?

There are a number of ways to prevent hair damage.

First, regarding hair dye. You may have a great dye job on your hands but just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s not damaged. For instance, a hair strand loses its lipid coating again and again with each dye. Unfortunately, these lipids cause the hair to be smooth, soft and water-resistant. The more they are stripped away, the frizzier and coarse the hair will become. Furthermore, some of the bonds that keep hair strong and healthy may break down as the molecules oxidize inside the hair. This creates weaker hair that is less resistant to flat ironing, blow-drying and brushing. The more that hair is dyed the worse damage to your hair becomes!

How do you minimize damage from harsh ingredients?? Use these tips to protect your hair while dying it:

Choose semi-permanent hair dyes. Although semi-permanent hair dyes won’t last quite as long, they tend to be less harsh as far as the chemicals they contain when compared to permanent dyes. Look for semi-permanent over-the-counter dyes or ask your salon if they offer any semi-permanent or less harsh treatments.

Always follow the directions. If you do use any store-bought hair dye products, make sure you follow the directions very carefully. This is especially important when it comes to how long the dye should be left on your hair.

Don’t mix hair dye products. Hair dyes are typically FDA approved. When you combine these products, the chemical balance could change and become too harsh for your hair.

Use alternative hair dye products. There are some hair dyes that are considered safer, such as henna-based dyes, which are made from a plant and are available in reddish and brownish hues. There are also progressive hair dyes, which slowly turn your hair shades darker rather than doing it all at once. Some women even use lemon juice to lighten their hair in the sun. These options cause much less damage to your hair than traditional hair dyes.

For other damage prevention, don’t wash your hair daily-only wash it one or who times per week. Doing this will help preserve your hair’s natural oils. Too much hair washing removes the hair’s natural oils which naturally hydrate and repair the hair. Before and after you wash your hair, detangle it using a wide tooth comb. Be very gentle when doing this to avoid damage. Start at the ends and work your way up to your scalp.conditioner

After that, when you do wash be sure to work shampoo into the scalp. Massaging the scalp helps ensure proper blood flow gets to the hair follicles which helps improve hair health. Once you wash, be sure to use a good conditioner such as Olea Conditioner. This conditioner changes the texture and appearance of your hair with Extra-Virgin olive oil, restore dry and damaged hair and give it a healthy sheen. Our natural formula gives you immediate results by adding moisture to your hair and allows you to enjoy a long lasting softness. Our Olea conditioner transform dull lifeless hair to stronger, shinier and healthier hair.

hairmaskNext, consider letting your hair dry naturally. Towel dry your hair by wrapping it in a towel and gently patting your tresses dry. Blow drying is over rated. When you blow dry your hair you are basically frying your locks. This dries your hair out causing it to be brittle and break.  Put in a leave-in conditioner once or twice a week to help with hair reconstruction.  A hair mask or oil is also a good option. Try Olea E Hair Mask. Our Olea hair mask is natural, easy and very effective, especially for dyed and damaged hair. The nourishing formula gives your hair deep moisture and balance the PH of your hair which keeps the hair cuticle closed, making them shimmery and smooth. Our Olea hair mask increase the quality of your dry and damaged hair, creating the beautiful, soft, silky look you desire. Enjoy the natural relaxation treatment of our Olea hair mask for a long lasting gratifying result including shinier and stronger hair.

Be sure to get a haircut monthly. If you don’t want to get a “cut” monthly, then at least get your split ends trimmed regularly. Doing this will help keep your tresses in tip top shape. If possible stay away from styling tools. If you are a fan of the flat iron, curling iron then you need to be sure to apply a heat protectant before you use your styling tool of choice.

Also, be sure to brush your hair on a regular basis, but don’t go crazy! Use a wood bristled brush to massage your scalp and spread your hair’s oils naturally. Brush your hair roots to ends for best results.


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