Top hairstyles for Fall

Fall is now officially upon us. With the change in weather comes new hair trends. Hair trends come from the runways of New York Fashion week. Here are some looks that hit the runways and how you can achieve them on your own.

pigtail-bunsPigtail buns

After seeing this cheeky trend on fashion bloggers and on model-actress Cara Delevingne, we were tempted to play around with these ’90s-style buns. But, they don’t need to stay high atop the head to be au courant for fall. Here are three different ways you can style them:

For Sleek and Slick, Brush your washed and dried hair with a flat bristle brush to remove any tangles or knots. Wash your hair with Olea E Shampoo and Conditioner. The olive oil in the conditioner will help minimize tangles. Draw a straight center part from your forehead to the nape of your neck using the tip of a comb to pull hair onto either side.

Gather the right half of the hair into a high ponytail near the crown of your head and about 2 inches out from the center. Smooth away any tangles or bumps on your head with the flat bristle brush and tie the ponytail in place with a hair elastic. Repeat this process with the left half of your hair.

To achieve Volumizing Vixen, Spritz both ponytails with a bit of sea salt texturizer or dry shampoo. Grab the ends of one ponytail with one hand and hold upright. Tease the ponytail very gently with a wide-tooth comb near the base of the pony with your other hand. Only tease a few times. This step builds up a bit of volume for fuller topknot buns.

Smooth the ponytail out gently with the flat bristle brush just enough to smooth the outer strands without damaging the volume you created by teasing. Repeat this process with the other ponytail.

To achieve the Wrap and Roll look, Invest in a couple small hair donuts. Alternatively, cut off the toes of a pair of thin socks and roll each sock into a tidy donut shape. Grab one high ponytail and place the donut around the ponytail about 2 inches from the ends.

Wrap the tips of the ponytail up, out and around the top of the donut so that it is covered. Keep wrapping your hair around the donut and begin to roll it down towards the base of the ponytail. Continue rolling the donut down and smoothing the strands over and around until you reach your scalp. You should now have a tidy, round bun with plenty of volume. Repeat with the other ponytail and a new hair donut.

kyliekardashianblondeGoing platinum

We admit: we had to do a double take when Kylie Jenner went platinum blond. (Is that you, Kim circa 2015?) We have to say, though, we’re digging the look on Kylie. It also looks great on our favorite Scream Queen, Emma Roberts.

Before choosing to boldly go platinum blond, you need to be sure that the color is right for you. Firstly, do you have black or dark brown hair? If so, it is going to be a lot more complicated and it’s unlikely that you will get the color you’re after in just one hairdressing appointment. You should consult with your hairdresser or colourist about how many salon visits you might require to achieve your desired hair colour. For those who are naturally blond, it’s not such a dramatic change and you will do less damage to your hair.

Keep in mind, if you are nervous about this change consult with a pro. Hairdressers will warn not to attempt to go platinum blond at home, and they are often right because it’s one of the easiest colours to mess up as it tends to change easily to orange. The great thing is that colours, toners and bleaches are constantly evolving, but you need to go to a colourist who keeps up to date with the times and is willing to try out new techniques and products.

olea e hair maskBefore going platinum, Make sure the hair is freshly cut and preferably uncolored for three to six months as that will yield the best results. Also, don’t shampoo your hair before heading to the hairdresser. The reason being that the colour will not lift as well if your hair is clean, but that’s not the only pro. The second factor is that your natural hair oils will coat the scalp and make the process less painful (sometimes your scalp can burn during processing). Check out this video on how to achieve the platinum blonde look. Be sure to use Olea E Hair mask once a week to repair any damaged ends and help keep your hair healthy.

wethairWet look locks

Ultra-slicked back and fastened at the crown hairstyles hit the runways and will be a huge hit in fall and winter 2016-2017 as well. For a real rock and roll look that is both scandalous and strict, put your focus on the face. This hairstyle can be perfect for day and night – you just need to adapt your makeup.

You shouldn’t go out with a messy hair. If you don’t much time, then you need to try the wet look. This hairstyle is very easy and quick to do. Alll you need is a hair straightener, hair brush, wide tooth comb, hair spray and a firm hold pomade. This video demonstrates how to style this look.

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