Transform your hair like Kylie Jenner!

kylie jenner glamKylie Jenner may be the youngest of the Kardashian clan but she has fast become one of the family favorites on social media. Jenner has 56.1 million Instagram followers and 15.1 million Twitter followers and the most viewed Snapchat account in 2015.

Jenner has become a business mogul and beauty icon. She runs a line of cosmetics called Kylie Cosmetics. This line features Kylie’s Matte Lip Kits which are being coveted by the masses as twenty somethings on up want her full, gorgeous colored lips.

In addition to her makeup line, fans love her for being a style chameleon, especially when it comes to her hair. This weekend, she posted a tribute to sister Kourtney Kardashian when she bleached her dark tresses, platinum blonde.

instagramblondekyliejennerCan you pull off a bleach blonde transformation like Kylie Jenner?? Here are some tips on dying your hair blonde. First thing you need to see if bleach will work appropriately for your hair. The best and lightest results are seen on hair that is virgin — no hair dye at all — and shades that are light brown and [lighter]. You can do it on darker hair, but it will require some patience, and the damage will inevitably be greater. Still lusting after white-blonde? Proceed onward.

For full disclosure, if you have darker hair, you’ll need to go through the bleaching process a few times in order to see full results. Our pros advise waiting a few weeks between every bleach. If you OD on the stuff, it could damage strands to the point that they’ll start to fall out. If a slow transition is not for you, you’ll need to visit a salon professional.

olea e hair maskNext begin prepping your hair. Bleach can really strip your hair of life, so taking a few preemptive steps could mean the difference between silky, white strands and a frizzy mop. Apply a conditioning mask such as Olea E Hair Mask,  two weeks before the bleaching to build up the strength of your hair . After that begin the bleaching process.

One of the most trusted bleaches — L’Oréal Quick Blue Powder — is also extremely cost-effective. Mix it in a bowl with some developer, which will lift hair color quickly and drastically, until the formula is about the consistency of yogurt. The easiest one to apply is a 30 minute developer.

Got thin, brittle hair or a sensitive scalp? Stick to a lower volume. After putting on some rubber gloves, use a tint or dye brush to apply the bleach all over your head, parting hair with the pointy end of the brush to get as close to the roots as possible. Let the bleach sit for 30 to 45 minutes, checking in the mirror periodically until your hair is a consistent light-yellow color.

After rinsing out the bleach and lightly shampooing, it’s time for the most important step — the one that makes hair a cool white, rather than a brassy yellow. Apply a toner, all over damp hair, and let it sit for about 20 to 30 minutes. This step can be a little messy, so relax in the tub while you wait. Rinse thoroughly, and finish with a mask.

Next, think about maintaining your tresses. Continue using a mask treatment (Olea E Hair Mask) once a week to keep hair strong and healthy, and regularly apply a strengthening oil, like Fig+Yarrow’s, to your ends.

kyliejennerredIf blonde isn’t your scene think red like Jenner. In August. Kylie Jenner was seen sporting red

locks on her birthday. Are you interested in trying red hair but not sure it will suit you? Here are some tips on making sure you will look awesome as a redhead.

Red is a color, not a level, therefore it has its own levels and tones. You have to know how dark or light or cool or warm you want it because there are so many different variations.

For example, level three equates to a violet-red or cabernet, level four would be more of a cooler red and level five is a beautiful auburn color. Levels six to seven are warmer reds, and levels seven to eight are strawberry blonde. When coloring or highlighting to get a red hue use brown-based shade to add richness and more of a natural look. With red hair, the brown is there already in the hair’s pigments, so coloring or highlighting based on those underlying pigments will make it last longer.

Working with your hair’s natural pigments will best complement your natural skin tone. Choose a red with the same undertones as your skin. For example, if you have yellow undertones, opt for a golden copper. Never try to oppose your skin tone with hair color because you will look washed out.”

Red hair color for light skin tones Fair skin looks best with a light, golden, strawberry blonde to a bright copper or red. Avoid wine-colored red and burgundy though because these shades will make you look too pale.

Red hair color for medium skin tones Because your skin has more pigments, your hair can too. Opt for a medium coppery blonde to medium auburn shade. Just steer clear of dark eggplant hues as these shades will make your skin appear yellow.

Red hair color for dark skin tones Darker skin tones look gorgeous with a medium auburn to chestnut brown shade. Super red hues, however, have too much blue in them and will make you look green, so be careful here.

However, it can also be high maintenance. It rinses out very quickly and you can expect to visit your salon every three to four weeks, so be prepared.

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