Trending hairstyles for 2017

With all the beautiful hair photos and videos circulating around social media, it is basically impossible to not feel inspired to try out some different styles on your hair. The question is, how do you choose which look you want? Let’s take a look at two hot, trending hairstyles all over social media right now and how they can be achieved. Hopefully this will help you choose which style works for you. If you still can’t decide, don’t fret! The great thing about most of these hair trends is that you don’t have to commit to just one. We can also let you in on a secret, which allows you to more easily switch between these two different amazing styles.

Have you seen some of the gorgeous wedding hair videos, which have been circulating social media lately? They are definitely inspirational, whether you are getting married or not! These videos feature lovely, luscious strands arranged into loose, romantic updos and semi-updos. Stunning sparkling wreath like hair accessories may be the finishing touches to these wedding hair looks but without the beautifully coifed styles below them, these hair accessories are just sets of sparkling stones. So how can you achieve these stunning styles? The first step is to start with lots of voluminous waves. We recommend utilizing a wave spray and volumizing product before blow-drying with a diffuser or air-drying. Most of the styles don’t require in depth hair know how, mostly relying simply on careful placement of the hair rather than complicated techniques. To be able to achieve the right look at home you’ll need lots of mirrors to see what you’re doing. Grab a hand mirror and head into your bathroom. In fact, gather all the mirrors that you can to get the most angles. We like to use the medicine cabinet mirror to get a side view and a hand mirror to see the back. Then start braiding or pinning away. If you don’t like the look of any part simply redo it. The biggest secret to making these styles look as glorious on you as they do in the videos is by utilizing hair extensions! Before braiding or pinning style extensions in the same way that hair has been styled and put them on. Hair extensions will give your hair a lush more voluminous look that will go a long way in making the finished hairstyle look beautiful. We recommend using Beyond the Beauty SHE CLIP N GO Human Hair Extensions or SHE FLIP N GO Human Hair Extensions by Beyond the Beauty. Both these types of hair extensions are easy to put in and use to style into trending wedding hairstyles.

Unicorn hair, the multi-color bright hair dying style, is a trend that you have probably seen many times, whether on social media or on the street. This bright standout trend is still going strong a while after being introduced probably because they are not just beautiful but attention getting and fun. This trend is even more fun because different colors are constantly rising in popularity. You can draw hair color inspiration from nearly anywhere. A cool place to start is the Pantone color of the year. Pantone has declared Greenery to be the color of 2017. How traffic stopping would a head of green hair look?! The biggest drawback to this spectacularly colorful trend is twofold: most people must bleach their hair intensely to achieve bright colored strands and these bright hues are not easy to maintain. But don’t despair; there is an easier way to attain the unicorn hair of your dreams! The answer lies in hair extensions of course. There are several different ways you can go about achieving unicorn hair with extensions. The most versatile way is to dye your extensions whatever bright color you prefer and simply put them into you hair. This looks especially good if you have ombre hair because the bright color extensions will look more like it is your natural hair which is dyed. You could also dye a SHE Kosher Wig by Beyond the Beauty to whichever color you desire to achieve a full head of bright hair with little to no upkeep required. We recommend ordering your SHE Kosher Wig by Beyond the Beauty in a light blonde color so the bright color dye looks as vivid as possible.

Human hair extensions often hold the secret to styling the hair of your dreams. They go a long way in helping you achieve two of the more popular hair trends of the year; wedding hair inspired style and unicorn hair. If you dream of elegant, sparkling wedding hair styles extensions give you that extra oomph to make this style really stand out. Hair extensions can also make attaining and keeping bright dazzling unicorn hair simple. Is there any style that Beyond the Beauty human hair extensions can’t help create?!

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