Valentine’s Day Hairstyle

No stress, no mess guide to getting ready for Valentine’s Day

Have you been scrambling trying to figure out what look you are going to sport for your next date night? Are you panicking as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you have no idea what to wear, let alone how you will do your hair? Have no fear, we’ve got you covered.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Going on a first date? You want to wear something stylish, but not too revealing. Vibrant colors are the trend this season. Don’t feel like you have to stick with the stereotypical reds and pinks. Be sure that whatever you wear is comfortable. You will feel more confident if you are comfortable in your clothes. Your makeup should be natural and enhance your features. Think soft color palate, nothing too dramatic with a kissable lip. For your hair, you should wear it down and go with a sophisticated glamorous look.

Part of achieving that movie star look is keeping your hair color on point. When you get your date set, plan enough time to get a haircut and get your roots done. A haircut will help minimize fly aways and make your do look super chic. In addition to that, using Olea’s E-Serum will help give hair a lustrous long lasting appearance and smooth down any untamable spots.

Hair color is also important. Guys notice un-kept roots and those pesky gray hairs. You don’t want to age yourself prematurely. If you are worried about the cost of a touch up, run out to your local drug store and pick up a box of color. Be sure to schedule a trim to cut off dead ends as well. Don’t forget to schedule a wax (if needed) and a facial. This will help ensure your skin looks its best for your big night.

Two to three days before your date, be sure to apply a deep conditioner to your hair. Olea E Shampoo and Conditioner are great for moisturizing dry ends. The olive oil infused conditioner immediately detangles and moisturizes hair.

After that, stop washing your hair until your date. The night before your date pull out your outfit and makeup. The day of your date once you get dressed and have applied your makeup start on your hair. Apply a thermal heat protector to your locks, and then begin styling. For big, natural looking waves, part your hair down the center; separate the hair into 2-3 inch sections. Use a curling iron such as Beyond The Beauty Volume Curling Iron , rolling your hair away from the face. Continue until all sections of the hair have been curled. Separate with your fingers and apply a light finishing spray. Add a dash of your favorite perfume and you are ready to roll.

Ivory over tan skin for a killer look.

Are you in a relationship? Spice things up with a body hugging, skin revealing outfit. Pick colors that you get complimented on when wearing them. If you aren’t keen on sporting a color, a little black dress is always a winner. For make-up think a strong color palate and a bold lip. Do not use funky colors, just basic reds, browns and pinks.

Be sure to schedule time prior to your date for all beautification appointments. This means at least a week or two for hair-cuts, color touch ups, waxing and manicures. For hair, think sexy all the way! There are two amazing ways to style your locks. First you could sport the sexy, side swept look. For this style wash and dry your hair the day of your date. Then you need to work a texturizer product through dry hair and comb with a bristle brush. Tease hair all over the crown to give hair extra height, then grab a section of hair that’s loosely swept from the side and fasten with a hair accessory. Finish with light hair spray to keep the look staying glam all night long.

Romantic Side Swept Bombshell Hair
Romantic Side Swept Bombshell Hair

The second look is bed head waves. For this you should stop washing your hair 3-4 days before your date. The day of your date, work a dry shampoo through your hair. This will help keep the volume and soak up any excess grease.


Divide hair down the middle. Then take hair in small sections and curl using a flat iron, check out Beyond the Beauty Ceramic Flat Iron #7. The front most face framing pieces take and wrap in your flat iron away from your face. This will give you some Farrah Faucet Waves. Then section off the rest of the hair and use your flat iron horizontally to create curls in your hair. Do this around your whole head.

After that, use a little bit of texture balm and work it into your locks. Make sure to work the balm through your hands prior to working through your hair. You only want a little bit on your locks to keep them looking fab. Then flip your hair upside down and work your hands through your hair. Apply some styling spritz and scrunch your hair. Flip back over and adjust pieces accordingly.

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