Why A Good Hair Care Routine Is Important

Why A Good Hair Care Routine Is Important

To most of us, our hair is a fundamental expression of our uniqueness and when our hair is looking its best; we can't help but feel good too. Believe it or not as basic as hair care is to do, there are right and wrong ways to do it. Many times it is not even the products that you use at home, but how they are being used.

When caring for our hair the right way, it takes no longer than the time you took when doing it the wrong thing. Proper hair care only takes the knowledge of beyond the beauty hair care to maintain a healthy and beautiful hair.


  • Washing your hair with hot water is harmful because it removes all the oiliness of the scalp. This oiliness is that fat that the hair generates naturally, which works as protection and if it were removed our hair will end up looking unhealthy. This is why it’s ideal to wash the hair with warm water.
  • The last rinse should be done with warm, almost cold water. This will make your hair look much brighter and stronger. Why? Very simple: cold water seals the hair cuticle giving your hair a unique strength.
  • If you like to wash your hair daily, try to take a soft shampoo like our Olea Shampoo so that it does not dry your hair so much.
  • Try to change shampoo regularly, so your hair does not get used to it. The hair develops some resistance to the formula, thereby not getting the desired results.
  • Every 15 days or once a month, use a purifying cleansing shampoo that thoroughly removes the residues left by modeling and contamination products. These impurities accumulate in the hair fiber and make your hair lose its shine and stop absorbing the hydration and nutrition you need.
  • To enrich your conditioner and enhance its effect, you can add honey, or a few drops of olive oil, almonds, jojoba or coconut and you will notice how your hair softens more with each wash.


  • Do not rub your hair when drying it with the towel. This damages your hair, and you will only be able to get the tips open. Better still; wrap your hair in the towel so that it absorbs moisture.
  • During winter, the action of the cold, mainly of the wind, directly affects your hair. Therefore, you should avoid leaving the house with wet hair. You can use the dryer to remove the moisture.
  • Before applying the dryer, use a heat protective cream to protect it and do not bring the hot air too close to your hair, try to maintain a distance of 20 cm. Finish the drying with cold air to close the cuticle of your hair, in this way the tips will be more protected.

Brushing and Maintenance:

  • Use brushes of good quality or combs without sharp plastic or metal teeth, to avoid cutting the ends.
  • Brushing is a critical aspect of proper hair maintenance. It must be done when it is completely dry. When you brush it, you stimulate the root (for growth), and you also distribute the natural fat that is found on the scalp, so that it can be distributed in the direction of the tips, which usually tend to dry out.
  • Apply treatment creams regularly to moisturize and strengthen your hair. If your hair is long, it is wise to perform a moisturizing treatment once a week, and some intensive heat treatment every 15 days.
  • Apply some oil to your hair when going to sleep. The next day after washing your hair, you will get a hydrated, soft and beautiful hair.


Our hair needs to be taken care of to keep it healthy, avoiding the fall, the deterioration, the split ends, the pulls with the brush and different problems that we can get due to the passage of time and various external factors. For this, it is necessary to imbibe beyond the beauty hair care to avoid possible dangers that lie in wait for your scalp. We recommend checking out our OLEA hair care collection for best hair results.

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