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Healthy yoga exercise on the beachAre you active? Do you work out semi-regularly? If you are like most ladies, you probably struggle with how to wear your hair while exercising. Running, yoga, biking are no fun with your hair flying in your face. There are a number of ways to wear your hair that are appropriate for all different hair lengths.

Here are some examples: the top knot. The top knot has been taking the world by storm over the past few months. Most of us with longer hair have been rocking this well before it became popular. What’s great about the top knot is that it gets your hair out of the way when you are doing yoga/pilates moves. Top knots can be great for runners and cross fit athletes. This hairstyle can handle a lot of movement. Pro tip-be generous with the bobby pins, and use a no-slip headband if you’ve got short flyways.

Swimmers and Cyclists will love the general french braid. The reason this style is so awesome is that it keeps layers of your hair pulled back from your face. The other thing that’s cool is that it won’t get in the way of cycling helmates or swim caps. You can take those things on and off and your braid will remain intact.. If you’ve never tried to do a French braid before, check out this video tutorial for help:

Those of you with shorter hair should try the headband braid. What’s awesome about this style is it keeps sweaty/bangs shorter layers away from your face. This look is great for high movement workouts. Think running, cardio, circuit sessions or and more!

Pigtail braids are also another versatile look. Pigtail braids aren’t just for the kids — this is the perfect hairstyle for many different types of workouts, from cycling (your hair won’t get in the way of the helmet) to mat classes (another way to keep you comfortable while you’re bending and twisting on your back).

Beautiful young womanAnother look to try is the ponytail braid. Whether it’s a quick messy version or an eye-catching fishtail ponytail braid, this hairstyle can tame long hair during a workout better than a ponytail — no constant hair whips in the face! — Which means it’s great for your cardio workout, whether it’s Spin class or the treadmill.

Another twist on the traditional ponytail to try is the bunched ponytail. Here’s how you sport this look, add a few elastic bands down your ponytail and bunch your hair in between. This look keeps everything in place during cycling class, hitting the treadmill or running. This is quicker to put together than a general braid.

Once you’ve rocked one of these looks and done your workout, what is the best way to handle your hair? Well for starters, don’t shampoo after every workout. Although shampooing after you get your sweat on will feel good its bad for your tresses. Shampooing too much can dry out your hair and strip away all of the natural oils that keep your scalp and hair healthy. You should try using a dry shampoo and hair refresher. The dry shampoo will helps clean your hair while the hair refresher neutralizes odor, hydrates smooths and conditions your hair. Pro-tip use dry shampoo on your hair before hitting the gym. Be sure to spay the shampoo all over your roots, this will help your scalp not get saturated with excess sweat. Try Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Shampoo, 4.5 Ounce dry shampoo.

woman applying dry shampoo on her hair. Fast and easy way to keeAfter your workout you don’t want to over brush your hair. Yank any old brush through post-gym tangles, and you’ll cringe when you see all the broken pieces frizzing up. Pro-tip pick up a detangler hair brush to use. Those are specially designed to detangle hair without breaking it. Be sure your hair is wet before using one of these brushes.

When you are fixing your hair post workout make sure your ponytail isn’t too tight. Pulling your hair too tightly can cause breakage. Its best to opt for snag free elastics such as Goody’s Ouchless No Metal Elastics.

Last but not least, don’t forget to moisturize your hair post workout. If you have time to wet your hair post-workout, you need to condition. Use Olea Conditioner. This conditioner changes the texture and appearance of your hair with Extra-Virgin olive oil, restore dry and damaged hair and give it a healthy sheen. Our natural formula gives you immediate results by adding moisture to your hair and allows you to enjoy a long lasting softness. Our Olea conditioner transforms dull lifeless hair to stronger, shinier and healthier hair.

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