Here’s The One Hair Product You’ll Definitely Need This Spring

Here’s The One Hair Product You’ll Definitely Need This Spring

If you can’t get enough of your favorite beauty and lifestyle bloggers on social media, you’ve probably seen one trend popping up time and again as we move into spring: long, luxe ponytails. Whether they’re sitting sleek on the crown or taking it easy on the nape of the neck, ponytails are perfect for when hot weather rolls around. They help keep you cool, they don’t get in the way when you’re hanging out poolside, and most importantly of all, they always look amazing

The only issue is that most of us don’t have thick, ultra-long hair like our favorite YouTubers and trendsetters. But here’s the thing — they really don’t either! Their secret? Luscious locks courtesy of ponytail extensions. These no-fuss pieces are easy to use and they’ll trick everyone you know into thinking you naturally have the best hair in town. If you want to nail this season’s trending styles, all you need to do is get your hands on a SHE ponytail extension by Beyond the Beauty.

These gorgeous hair extensions are in high demand because they’re made of 100 percent Human Remy Hair and they’re so easy to use. SHE ponytail extensions by Beyond the Beauty come in 12 multi-dimensional shades ranging from the blackest black to honey blonde and they look so natural, no one will believe it’s not your real hair! They clip in and out easily so you get all the style with none of the commitment. Best of all, they’re gentle on your natural hair. Here are a few up-and-coming spring styles that you’ll be able to master in no time with help from your ponytail extensions.

High and Mighty

Although spring 2017 is really loving messy texture, there’s something powerful about a shiny, sleek ponytail that starts at the crown. Let your natural oils work for you by pulling second-day hair up into a high ponytail and fastening with an elastic that matches your hair color. Attach your SHE ponytail extension by Beyond the Beauty by placing the clip just over your real ponytail and twisting the wrap-around strand over all of the hair for a gorgeous no-band effect. Comb through to blend it in. For added shine, be sure to warm a pea-sized amount of Olea serum by Beyond the Beauty in your palms and smooth flyaways throughout. Use the SHE titanium series hair straightener by Beyond the Beauty to straighten the ponytail for an ultra-chic look. Fix everything in place with your favorite hairspray and prepare to stun.

Fresh and Fishtailed

Fishtail braids never go out of style, but they’re really having a moment in 2017. While the messy fishtail’s sleeker cousin may have hit the scene first, the current trend is all about being carefree with no-fuss texture and volume. Prep dry, second-day hair with your favorite volumizing mousse or texturizing root powder and pull your hair into a low, sideswept pony. Once it’s fastened with a hair tie, incorporate your SHE ponytail extension by Beyond the Beauty and fishtail as usual. Tie at the end and then pull at the braid for a tousled, undone look until you reach your desired level of messiness. Use a light-hold hairspray to keep everything in place. 

Big and Beautiful

Perfect for summer dates, a big, romantic ponytail is sure to wow your special someone. For the most body, create loose curls all over with the SHE large-barreled curling iron by Beyond the Beauty, alternating the direction of each curl for a natural look. After that, curl your SHE ponytail extension with the same curling iron so that it meshes with your hair. Spritz your whole head with flexible hairspray and pull into a high or low ponytail. Add your ponytail extension and pull a few strands near your face loose for a voluminous pony that’s both super sexy and totally timeless. 

Teased and Trendy

Blow dry freshly washed hair with the SHE 3300 professional hair dryer by Beyond the Beauty and create a slight bend in one-inch sections all over your head using the SHE volume curling iron 19mm. Do the same to your SHE ponytail extension and brush all of the waves out for an easygoing vibe.

Use a texturizing spray to add body and hold, focusing on the roots and lightly coating the ends for beachy texture. Use a fine-toothed comb to tease your hair at the crown and pull your longest layers into a ponytail that sits at the nape of your neck. Then add your ponytail extension to the mix. Let your shorter layers hang free for a laid-back style that will look so good with your favorite swimsuit while you hang by the pool. (Fruity cocktail optional!)

With your SHE ponytail extension by Beyond the Beauty, you’ll become the spring 2017 hair master in no time. Which of these styles will you try when the weather finally gets warm? Let us know in the comments!

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