Hair Extensions Warranty

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Our hair extension products are the most fabulous you’ll ever find. Why? Because not only are they the highest quality hair that make you look beautiful, but we are also the only manufacturer IN THE WORLD to provide you with a two-year warranty.

With our hair extensions being an intimate product, we do have to be extra careful with our repairs and exchanges. In the UNLIKELY event that your hair extensions become damaged or broken, you will need to contact us at 818 764-9900 and let us know what the problem is. We will then inspect to see if the damage is due to misuse, neglect, or any other damages. If you are approved for a repair or exchange, here are your options:

Pay $49.99 for a service repair on your extensions.(only if the damage spare parts)

And/or our specialist team will suggest a better solution.

After you decide which of these two options is the one for you, send us your extensions and your repair will be done by one of our specialists, or you will be sent a brand new product.

Warranty is for a onetime use only.

SHE by Beyond The Beauty Hair Extensions can not be returned if you change the original color of the hair, if you cut the hair, if you use a hair product not certified by us e.g. a metal curling iron, on ceramic straightener, abuse to our warranty services etc.

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