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Clip'N Hang

Introducing a revolutionary solution for your beloved Clip N' Go hair extensions. The Beyond the Beauty Clip N' Hang Carrier and Hanger is designed to keep your extensions in pristine condition, making storage, transport, and styling a breeze. Elevate your hair extension care and organization with this ingenious accessory.

Discover the future of clip-in hair extension care with the Beyond the Beauty Clip N' Hang
No more tangled or damaged extensions – just perfect, ready-to-use hair.

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Clip N' Hang

Protection and Organization:

Safeguard your clip-in hair extensions from tangling, dust, and damage. This carrier and hanger keep your extensions neat, organized, and ready for use.

Easy Hanging System:

The hanger design allows you to hang your extensions in a closet or on a hook, ensuring they remain in perfect shape and are always within reach.

Durability and Quality:

Crafted with high-quality materials, this carrier and hanger are built to last, providing a long-term solution for extension storage.


Take your extensions on the go with confidence. The carrier is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for travel and destination styling.

Universal Design:

 Suitable for various clip-in extension lengths and thicknesses, accommodating a wide range of hair extension styles.


What are the benefits of using this carrier and hanger for hair extensions?

The benefits include protection from tangling and damage, organization, easy access to extensions, durability, and travel-friendliness. It's perfect for maintaining your extensions in optimal condition.

Can salon owners and hairstylists use this product in a professional setting?

Yes, the Beyond the Beauty Clip N' Hang Extensions Carrier and Hanger is perfect for salon owners and hairstylists to organize and display extensions for clients. It enhances professionalism and keeps extensions ready for use.

How do I clean and maintain the carrier and hanger?

To clean the carrier and hanger, wipe them with a damp cloth or a mild cleaning solution as needed. Keep them dry and free from dust to ensure they remain in good condition.

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